Guest Post: Sportswear Through the Ages

The fashion week gods have spoken, and the “easy elegancy” and “athletic look” is going to be huge in 2017. People are now favouring a more comfortable everyday look over restrictive and conservative styles. Sportswear has always had an element of cool, and here are some of the biggest sportswear styles through the ages…



 When you think about 80s sportswear, brightly coloured track jackets, velour tracksuits and lots of lycra springs to mind. The 80s are infamous for their spandex, big hair and disco colours that make their sportswear styles completely unique to every other era. Some of the biggest sportswear brands in the 80s were Adidas and Nike, with their popular shell jackets and sports short-shorts style.

Some may believe that these fashion statements should stay in the past, but 80s sportswear fashion is actually making a comeback in 2017! Expect to see a lot of vintage track jackets, and sports tees on the streets, that will make you look like you’ve been plucked straight from an inner city record shop.



 90s sportswear was a step above the 80s style, although some of the key brands were still Nike and Adidas, track jackets and lycra was swapped for windbreakers and big sweatshirts. One of the biggest sports brands of the 90s was Fila, Puma and Kappa, famous for their bucket hats, branded sweatshirts and zip op jackets.

90s sportswear was all about adding a little bit of edge and cool to your wardrobe, and it was not uncommon to see people swapping their everyday clothes for a sportier look. 90s paved the way for a more casual and cool style that is seen as the norm today.


Sportswear is a more favoured every-day clothing choice than jeans and shirts today. If you go out onto the streets people everywhere will be wearing sports leggings, hoodies and jackets. We are living in a more casual society and the key sportswear styles from the past few decades are slowly making a comeback.

Sportswear and streetwear are merging together, and brands like BOY London, Hype and Criminal Damage are rising through the fashion ranks to join Nike and Adidas (who could survive a sportswear apocalypse). Some of the key sportswear trends of 2017 are big baggy vintage tees – reminiscent of 80s fashion, skinny joggers and collaborations from celebrities and musicians. Celebrity culture is having a huge influence on modern sportswear style. The likes of Kanye West has collaborated with Adidas to create Yeezys, and reality TV stars are all bringing out sportswear lines like GFN. These celebrity collaborations and creations are giving sportswear style a little bit of depth, as they are influenced by music, art and different cultures.

2017 is taking the best styles from all of the different ages and adding a modern twist. There’s no knowing what the future holds for sportswear, but the only way is up.

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Alice Porter is a fitness fanatic who loves to blog about fashion and keep up with the latest trends.

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