Guest Post: How the Sports Bag Changed Through History

Since its humble beginnings, the sports bag has changed a lot throughout the years. What we know today as spots bags were once used to carry food and drink for weary travelers or weapons for the warriors in the battlefield. First bags used by athletes were carrying equipment like balls, bats and clothing, much like... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The History of Sports Uniforms

Sports uniforms have come a long way since they first appeared. Originally, the idea was to have all the players in the same team dressed the same in order for their teammates to see them better and not mistake them for an opponent. However, very soon after they were introduced, sports uniforms started representing the... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The History of Sportswear

The concept and idea of activewear has changed dramatically over time. While clothes – and indeed sports - have existed for centuries, it wasn’t until recently that someone struck on the idea of creating clothes made for sports. Until the turn of the 20th century athletes would compete in their street clothes or – as... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Sportswear Through the Ages

The fashion week gods have spoken, and the “easy elegancy” and “athletic look” is going to be huge in 2017. People are now favouring a more comfortable everyday look over restrictive and conservative styles. Sportswear has always had an element of cool, and here are some of the biggest sportswear styles through the ages… 80s:... Continue Reading →

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