Can Strongmen Play American Football? The Curious Case of the Crunch Bunch

Nice muscles, what can you do with them? A common question and also the title for a series of YouTube challenges well worth watching. The underlying point remains however. Are men and women of muscle athletes? Can they challenge others athletically or are they simply lumbering oafs? While anyone who watches World Strongest Man will... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The History of Sports Uniforms

Sports uniforms have come a long way since they first appeared. Originally, the idea was to have all the players in the same team dressed the same in order for their teammates to see them better and not mistake them for an opponent. However, very soon after they were introduced, sports uniforms started representing the... Continue Reading →

Arthur Jones, Dick Butkus and the Long Con

Controversial to the nth degree, Arthur Jones was a man known for his pull no punches approach. Wonderfully innovative, the founder of the Nautilus exercise phenomena had a strict sense of right and wrong when dealing with his small circle of clients. This was demonstrated, most spectacularly, when Jones was approached by Dick Butkus, then... Continue Reading →

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