Finding Time For Fitness: Why Your Schedule Should Never Be An Excuse

If somebody asked you why you don’t devote more energy to keeping fit, what would you say? The vast majority of people use a lack of time as an excuse. There may be days when you don’t have time to get to the gym, but if you were really honest, most days, you could find 20 or 30 minutes to work out. If you tend to make excuses, but you want to get fitter, here are some tips to help you enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Work on your scheduling skills

If you want to work out three or four times a week, start adding sessions to your schedule. If there’s a class on a Monday evening that you want to attend, put it in your diary every week, just like you would a meeting. This way, you know to say no if anyone asks you to meet up or work late on a Monday. It’s so useful to have a dairy, an app or a calendar that helps you manage your time and enables you to find that balance between work and life.


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Get more for less

When time is a luxury, you have to make the most of it. Many of us have hectic schedules these days, but there are loads of activities you can fit into a small window of time. Consider working out at home to save you time getting to the gym or swapping activities like an hour-long jog or a lengthy swim session for a short burst of intensive exercise. High-intensity interval training is a great option for those on the go, and you can find out more about its benefits here  


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Fit exercise around your plans

Everyone has a different daily routine, but it is almost always possible to fit in workouts around your plans. If you don’t have time to work out in the morning, consider making your commute your workout. Could you cycle or run to work instead of driving or catching a bus? Make use of any breaks you have during the day. If you have an hour for lunch, take a 30-minute class. You can get ideas from sites like Perhaps a yoga session would help you to relax and refocus before returning to the office for the afternoon, or a boxing class could boost your energy levels. If you’re pushed for time during the day, head to the gym or play sports after work. Even if you only have 20 minutes spare, it’s always worth using this time constructively.


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Adjust your routine

If you’re always in a rush, try and adjust your routine slightly. Could you get up half an hour earlier or condense your hours at work? If you find that you fall asleep on the couch every night and you can’t get up in the mornings, going to bed earlier could be the solution. If you do this, you can set your alarm earlier and fit in that early morning workout.


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If you often swerve the gym because you don’t have time, you’re not alone. There’s nothing wrong with taking rest days, but don’t let your schedule be an excuse. There are almost always to find time for fitness.

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