Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Whether it’s time to bring out the bikini, wedding season is on the horizon, or you’ve committed to finally getting healthy—deciding on a weight plan that makes sense for you is absolutely critical.

Some people do well on a low-carb, high-protein diet, while others eschew meat and embrace their inner vegan.

What Are the Options?

When it comes to dieting there’s no shortage of advice—you’ve probably heard something from your mother, a dieting co-worker, and the myriad conflicting opinions currently saturating the internet.

A good place to start doing research by reading best diet plans for weight loss reviews. Between the Atkins, the Weight Watchers, the South Beach, and the Whole 30—it’s a good idea to get a sense of what each of your options entail. Consider this against factors like food allergies, physical activity levels, and personal preferences.

Additionally, it’s wise to look into the research behind each “fad” diet. For decades, we thought fat was the culprit in making people gain weight. Now, we know that a low-fat diet isn’t one of the best programs for weight loss.

Pick Something You Can Stick With

Some diets just aren’t sustainable. While all require some sort of adjustment period—say you’ve cut out meat, sugar, or simple carbs—your body is going to need to take some time to recalibrate to the new situation.

Consult your experience with past diets, which worked, which didn’t, which ones were easiest to accommodate eating out, holidays, and the like.

The problem with a lot of diets—like the cabbage soup diet or a strict no-carb regimen is—it’s pretty hard to restrict yourself long-term. If your diet has you looking forward to the day you can eat like a person again it’s not the best choice for weight loss.

Instead, focus on tracking your caloric intake, getting plenty of healthy proteins, and yes, ditching your sweets addiction. Easier said than done, sure.

Make Small Changes

Circling back to the idea of choosing something you can stick with already, making small lifestyle changes like eating a few less bites of each meal, tracking your steps and cutting back on sugar and alcohol consumption can all make a big difference.

Talk to a Doctor

If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ll want to talk to a doctor before committing, especially if you have any underlying conditions. If you’re abiding by calories in, calories out logic, you might think you can skip this step. But, the fact of the matter is—if you’re struggling with weight, some other health issue may be the culprit.

Additionally, a doctor (or a registered dietician) can help you identify habits that need to be addressed, as well as which diets aren’t as effective (or safe) as they might seem.

Is There a Definitive Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

The best diet plan for weight loss is one that helps you cut calories, eat healthier, and still provides you with enough nutrients to power you through the day.

Again, ask a doctor for guidance, pick something sustainable, and research your options. Jenny Craig might not be right for you, but a plant-based, whole-food regimen may be exactly what your body ordered.

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