Guest Post: Why a Detox Is Necessary Before Spring Starts


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Constant purification is essential if you aim to maintain an overall state of well-being through your entire body. If you’re interested in the healthy and sustainable lifestyle, then you know how important flushing toxins out on the regular is. But did you know that detox has a longstanding legacy spanning over thousands of years?

The History of Detoxs

Although recent wellness media would have you believe that detox is an invention of the modern age, this trend has deeper historical roots than you’d think. Ancient civilizations have been practicing it since times immemorial through various methods. While some were creative, others were downright bizarre.

Perhaps the most interesting fact pertaining to this area is that which dates the original enema back to Ancient Egypt. One of the world’s most elegant and educated ancient peoples, the Egyptians believed that a buildup of toxins in the intestines was the main culprit behind afflictions such as fever.

Thus, they relied on colonic irrigation as a means to purify the digestive tract. This practice is attested by the Bible itself, among other sources. The concept then made its way to Ancient Greece, which is recognized nowadays as the cradle of modern civilization. By the time the twentieth century had rolled around, this historical concept had already been revolutionized.

German scientists introduced coffee as a part of the process in the 1920s as a means to stimulate the liver and eliminate additional toxins from the body. However, this procedure is also a lot more hazardous due to the irritating nature of the substance long-term, so it should only be conducted under strict medical supervision.

But when considering the history of toxin flushing all the way to thousands of years ago, by far the most historically prolific demographic as far as alternative medicine is concerned surely is the Chinese one. Thanks to traditions and methods that have lived on untouched for thousands of years, this medical system is still widely employed today.

By taking a look at their wisdom, you can learn anything from how to properly use herbs or what your pressure points are to how a holistic detox cleanse works. Still, the most popular and unique practice in this has and always will be cupping. When it is performed, strong glasses are placed on the traditional pressure points and a pump is used to create suction.

This literally sucks toxins out of the body while at the same time stimulating proper circulation. It can even relieve the discomfort caused by serious ailments such as arthritis when employed properly. Due to this, cupping is as popular today as it was more than 3,000 years ago, which goes to show how much people enjoy it and its benefits.

The February Cleanse

While the aforementioned approaches are still practiced today, the most common present understanding of detox is focused mainly or cleansing through diets. And the vast majority of them are notoriously based on juices and teas only. Still, there are plenty of trendy ways to purify your body and promote your well-being.

But what is that best time to pursue this goal? The most commonly agreed upon answer is before the beginning of each new season so that you prepare your immune system for the transition ahead of it. And by far the most popular period is just before the onset of spring, during the final winter month, which is February.

It’s no secret that spring awakens and rejuvenates everything from the tiniest critters to the tallest trees. Thus, your body and all its systems need to be clean and regenerated to welcome it. This is the best way to ensure that you possess the necessary energy and wellness to pursue the necessary changes that come with this great rebirth of the world.

In addition to this, the Chinese, a.k.a. the detox masters themselves, believe that spring is the perfect time of year to cleanse your liver and nourish your body so that you can embrace everything that’s changing all around you. Furthermore, this period is also beneficial for weight loss, which is something else that cleanses help with.

To achieve this, make sure to eat a lot of pectin and fiber-filled fruit to purify your bowels. Drinking fresh juices and teas is also a great way to promote excretion, and there is no better season for it than that when nature is fresh again. By flushing out the harmful substances your body hoarded over winter, you are making an important step towards new beginnings.

Final Thoughts

Although detoxing has been pursued in many ways over the centuries, the most common method nowadays is represented by dietary cleanses. And the best way to do them is just before spring so that you can shed off the toxins and extra weight accumulated over the winter holidays.

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  1. Doing a good detox in February to shed off all the buildup during winter makes perfect sense. I have to admit I’m not a fan of cupping, but I love a trip to sauna. That’s also a good idea, right?

    1. Hi Kate, thanks so much for stopping by. I share your sentiments about cupping by the way… I’m much more partial to the sauna after a workout. Aside from helping me to relax I always feel fresher afterwards

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