Understanding The History Of Fitness And Teeth Protection


Over the years, fitness has gone through an abundance of changes. It is undoubtedly true that many people have strayed from the straight and narrow. They’ve decided to begin eating unhealthy and they’re not working out enough. This is going to be majorly problematic for them and their family. Plus, poor health can really take a toll on society at large. One important aspect of fitness is ensuring that you’re protecting your teeth. Within this guide, you’re going to learn about the history of fitness and proper dental protection when exercising.

Mouthguard History

The truth of the matter is that the history of the mouthguard is barely known. However, it is believed that it was introduced alongside boxing. In the beginning, boxers used a variety of materials to protect their teeth. For instance, wood, cotton, tape and even sponge was used to protect the teeth in the past. Around 1892, a British dentist began making mouthpieces for boxers. At this time, he used a rubber resin to protect the teeth. Since then, mouthguards and other teeth protectors have evolved significantly.

Different Types

Today, there are many different types of mouth guards. Some are basic, while others are specifically designed for the user. The ready-made mouth guards are ineffective and very cheap. They’re designed in a one-size-fits-all style. They can sometimes be altered via trimming. Either way, ready-made mouthguards are not your best choice. There are also boil and bite guards. These guards must be boiled in water. Then, the user will bite on them to ensure that they’re going to fit their mouth.

These guards are better, but they’re still somewhat inefficient. The best type of mouthguard is one that has been custom-made for the user. This means that the mouthpiece has been designed to fit the user’s teeth and gums perfectly. If you’re a professional athlete and want to protect your teeth to the fullest, it is best to buy a custom-made mouthguard.


The Birch Dental Groupoffers excellent dental services to professional athletes. One of the biggest problems that athletes face is the grinding of the teeth. Teeth grinding is a serious problem for many reasons. One of the most notable is the fact that teeth grinding is going to damage and weaken the teeth. It can make the teeth brittle. In return, that is going to increase the likelihood that the teeth are going to break or chip at some point in the future. Anyone who has trouble with grinding should definitely invest in a mouthpiece.

Blunt Force Trauma

It is also important to understand that athletes are going to be required to deal with blunt force trauma. A blow to the teeth could very well ruin your perfect smile. This is why you need to wear a mouthguard. Pretty much every sport can lead to trauma to the face. This includes basketball, baseball, boxing, hockey and other sports. If you’re going to be involved in a professional, amateur or casual sport, you need to protect your teeth with a good mouthpiece!

Prevent Broken Teeth

It is a fact that some athletes are at a high risk of broken teeth. Boxers and MMA fighters often experience a broken tooth during an action. This is why fighting organizations have established regulations that require fighters to wear mouthguards. If a fighter refuses to wear a mouthguard in the United States, they will be prohibited from competing in about. Wearing a mouthguard will definitely help prevent broken teeth.

Prevent Tooth Displacement

Another risk that people face when competing in combat sports is tooth displacement. If you have ever met a professional boxer or MMA fighter, it is highly likely that you have noticed that they are lacking a few teeth. If not, it is highly likely that they are wearing a partial denture. This device contains artificial teeth and metal clasps that attach to the natural teeth. If you compete in combat sports, you should definitely protect your teeth with a mouthguard. Doing so will reduce your risk of tooth displacement, while sparing you the high cost of a partial denture.

Prevent Jaw Fractures

Powerlifters are known for lifting a lot of weight. When a powerlifter lifts a lot of weight, they often clench their jaws to the point that it causes a fracture. While the risk of these injuries is minimal, there is always a possibility of them occurring. Wearing a mouthguard will definitely help lower your risk of jaw fractures.

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  1. The article explores the history of dental protection in fitness and sports, from ancient civilizations to modern times. Teeth have always been vulnerable to injury during physical activity, and athletes have used various methods to protect them, such as mouthguards and gum shields. Today, dental protection is not only important for athletes but also for anyone engaging in physical activity, including fitness enthusiasts. Cosmetic dentists can provide custom-made mouthguards that offer both protection and aesthetic appeal, which is particularly important for athletes in high-profile sports. Overall, the article highlights the significance of dental protection in fitness and the role of cosmetic dentists in providing personalized solutions for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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