Vince Gironda, ‘Presses – Vince’s Gym Style’, Ironman Magazine, 29:2 (1969), 20


A quick tip on military pressing from the Iron Guru himself, Vince Gironda. Known for his unique approach to the bench press and the squat, it should come as no surprise to learn that Gironda was equally opinionated when it came to the military press.

At a time when back bending and sloppy form had crept into even Olympic standards of pressing, Gironda promoted a strict and slow form. According to Vince the military press should always be conducted as follows.

Bring your heels together, keeping your back straight in a standing position. With the bar positioned on your chest, press the bar overhead and hold it for six seconds. Slowly lower. That’s one rep…repeat this process for anywhere from eight to twelve reps. Aside from forcing you to lower the weight and fix up your form, Vince’s style stresses the deltoids like nothing else. Yet another handy training tip from our favourite muscle guru.

As always… Happy lifting!



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