A Brief History of Steroids


Humans are considered to be species that are hard working, competitive and ambitious in all walks of life. Especially when it comes to sports, athletes have been found to be curious and conscious of their performances since the beginning of civilization. Ever since life existed, people have been discovering distinct and incongruous materials to boost their energies from sesame seeds to pituri plant and hallucinogenic mushrooms all have been taken to improve the quality of performances over the years.

Intake of steroids dates back to 1800s, when people had reserved resources and neither was science was at the levels of advancements as it is today. In 1860s, there was a group of swimmers in Amsterdam who were caught to be on drugs for boosting and amplifying their performances. And from there on, there were many and uncountable events when athletes were charged guilty of being on stimulants to enhance their performances.


In 1935, testosterone was discovered in Germany, to treat depression. Later in the Olympics of 1954, even the professional athletes were found to be misusing anabolic steroids to their advantage when Russian weightlifters were tested to be positive against steroid tests.

Later in 1980s, the use of anabolic steroids became very common, not only among the sportsmen but also among young men to beautify their physical appearances.


Anabolic steroidsare also referred to as stackers, juice or roids. It is synthetic version of male hormone called testosterone. Legitimately, it may be used on people suffering from fatal diseases like AIDS or Cancers and to induce puberty. More technically, they are called anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS).

Aside from all the people who are genuinely prescribed to be on anabolic steroids for medical reasons, others who tend to abuse anabolic steroids for appearance, stamina, strength or long term performance are doing themselves no good.


Anabolic steroids are mostly used by non athlete males, who tend to use steroids to improve their physical appearance by building muscles. Intake of steroids for the beautification of one’s physical appearance is strictly related to male body image disorder called dysmorphia, quite similar to the one stuck with female body image we come across in magazines and fashion industry. Muscle dysmorphia is said to be that built up muscular body we see in movies and the ones possessed by make fashion models.

Over the period of time, the side effects of steroidcome to the surface with severe health hazards.  Some of which are not even curable at that point of time. It can be fatal heart attacks, cancers of different body parts, cysts, skin issues and exposure to innumerable life threatening tendencies.


In 1090, the Congress passed the anabolic act of 1990 in order to address the unlawful and prohibited use of steroids. The act comprised of categorizing anabolic steroids as a separate drug class and classified over 20 substances to be termed as anabolic steroids. Further in 2004, anabolic steroid control act 2004 was issued by the Congress which stated the ban of over the counter steroid distribution, huge amount of penalties for making, selling and promoting the penetration of such drugs to the common people. Moreover, administered and contributed in enhanced issuance of funds for equipping common man with preventive education.


It has been researched that in Mexico and other countries in Europe where steroids are easily available over the counter without a prescription are the main sources of penetrating steroids into the USA. Whereas, the less common resources have been found to be theft, inappropriate prescription or the production at clandestine laboratories.

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