Guest Post: How to Improve Your Squat Mobility

If you’re ready to get friendly with the squat rack, congratulations! This can feel like a big step in your strength training journey. And while that’s exciting, it also means it’s important to make sure your body is ready for this new challenge — and there’s more to that than just pure strength.

Before you step up to the squat rack, there are a few mobilization exercises you should do to make sure your joint mobility is up to the task. After all, if one part of your body, like your ankles, can’t move properly, that will force your other joints, like your feet, hips, or knees, to overcompensate. A dowel ankle mobilization will help ensure your ankles have the flexibility they need, while a bench T spine mobilization will test and improve your thoracic spine mobility. Get your shoulders limber with a supine floor slide, and you can count on an active Spider Man stretch to loosen up your hips.

For more details on how to do each of these mobilizations, check out the infographic below.

Squat mobility infographic

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