Workout Woes: The Dangers Of Pushing Yourself Too Hard

We’ve all heard that expression ‘no pain, no gain’ when talking about working out, haven’t we? Although it’s fine to work hard in the gym or when going for a jog, what you don’t want to do is push yourself too hard. You see pain – wherever it may be in the body – is a sign that something is wrong, so don’t ignore it. Pushing past the pain is not the answer – trust us, it will only end badly.

It’s recommended that healthy adults do around 150-minutes of moderate exercise per week – that equates to 40-minutes of exercise a day, four days a week. However, pushing yourself to do more than that, or even to do that if you’ve got an existing health condition, could put you at risk of all sorts of problems, from injuries to health issues.

A lot of people don’t realise the dangers of pushing yourself too hard when it comes to working out, so below we’ve outlined them, along with the warning signs.



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When you push yourself too hard or workout too many times a week without having a rest day, you significantly increase your risk of developing an injury. That’s because when we push our bodies to the extreme, they become tired and weak, making them more prone to injuries. If you fail to have a rest day between workouts you’re not giving your muscles and joints time to recover, which makes them more prone to strains, twists, or tears. So unless you want to end up with a painful injury that could take weeks or even months to heal, don’t make the mistake of pushing yourself too hard – you’ll only end up regretting it.

Health problems


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Another issue with pushing yourself too hard when working out is that it can impact existing health problems. Say, for example, you suffer from asthma, pushing yourself too hard at the gym could cause an asthma attack to come on, which isn’t what you want. Or, say you suffer from a heart condition, pushing yourself too hard could cause you to go into cardiac arrest. Heart attacks at gyms are common which is why most workout spaces are equipped with PAD 360P defibrillators or a similar model, to up the chances of survival for anyone who becomes unwell while working out. While exercise is good for you, pushing yourself too hard is not, especially when you suffer from an existing health problem.

Mental burnout


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The key to success when it comes to working out and achieving results is being motivated for your workouts. If you’re someone who pushes yourself too far and always feels rubbish after a workout for this reason, you’re going to end up burning out mentally and losing motivation to workout. To stay in shape, you need to workout regularly, which is why you can’t afford to suffer from mental burnout. The last thing you want is to push yourself too far and end up not wanting to workout for weeks because of how you feel after exercising. To ensure that you’re working as hard as possible but not pushing yourself too far, hiring a personal trainer could be the answer.

Yes, to achieve results you need to work hard, but what you don’t want to do is push yourself too hard – it’s just a case of getting the balance right. As always, happy lifting!

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