Reg Park’s Bodybuilding Diet


Known for being an incredibly bodybuilder in his own right, Reg Park was the go to bodybuilder of the 1950s. Possessing an incredible look of power and strength, Park was the envy of many a gym goer. How did Park build his monstrous physique?

Well the answer, quite simply, was that he ate like a King. A King preparing for his last meal!

According to his followers, Park’s daily diet went something along the following lines:


  • A glass of fresh orange juiceFruit: paw-paw (papaya) & banana,
  • Cooked Oatmeal (large soup plate full) with full cream/whole milk & fresh cream
  • A plate of bacon, eggs, tomato and toast
  • A couple of cups of tea


  • Large bowl of soup (tomato, pea, minestrone etc.) with rye bread
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Beef steak
  • Desert
  • A couple of cups of tea with some chocolate

Also wine or milk stout(like Guiness)


  • Same as lunch.

This it should be stressed was a moderate day’s consumption. Writing for Rader’s Iron Man Magazine, Earle Liedeman recounted his amazement at Park’s appetite

Reg Park of England wins a good second to Mac Batchelor with his speed. Once, when dining with Reg, he gargled three large plates of vegetable soup, then gulped chucks from his extra large and thick steak without his teeth sinking into the meat once, apparently, next stuffed many side dishes of vegetables into his ever open mouth and these include an extra large pair of baked potatoes, a huge bowl of salad, three glasses of milk and the last, the piece de resistance, a big dish of ice cream with cake.

And all this, mind you, in about ten minutes. Gee! I’ve seen hungry bloodhounds gobble down food, but Reg Park wins a can of fried grasshoppers as second place for amount, and first place for speed.

Eat big, get big and all that!


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  1. When I read Liedeman’s account of Reg Park scarfing down a big steak along with all those other accompaniments including cake and ice cream, I wonder for how long of a time he would keep that up as a routine. I couldn’t imagine eating that much on a daily basis for very long without putting on too much fat, even if I was regularly training for hours!

    1. Absolutely, it goes to show doesn’t it how important genetics are alongside hard work. Like you, I’d be skeptical about how long I could do this without getting fat. Something you might be interested in is this account from Reddit about someone who followed Dwanye Johnson’s workout and diet for 30 days:

      That’s the closest experiment I can think of!

      I can’t remember where I read it, perhaps it was Randy Roach’s book, but the older bodybuilders used to place a huge emphasis on protein digestion and assimilation. To that end, they’d take digestive enzymes, papaya juice, bromine and several others things to help them absorb everything. It looks like Park had that in built doesn’t it?

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