Guest Post: The TRX System: History, Benefits & Full Body Workout


Throughout the world of fitness there are many different techniques and systems that for some reason or another gain attention. The TRX system developed by Randy Hetrick has proven to be one of the more effective and durable methods to achieve improved strength and mobility.

If you are looking to become more informed about the TRX system, then look no further. By considering the history and benefits of the TRX system you will more easily be able to decide whether it is the right exercise regime for you.

If you think it is the right system for you I have also provided a short guide for an effective full body workout regime!


The TRX system grew out of the monotony and general ineffectiveness of conventional exercises. During the 90s, U.S Navy Seal Randy Hetrick decided to explore different avenues of exercise to improve his strength and mobility.

By using parachute webbing and a martial art belt he experimented with suspension training. This way of training depended on using one’s own body weight as the central component of the exercises. Nowadays, instead of the parachute and jiu-jitsu belt people use the TRX Suspension Trainer, a tool that utilises the user’s body weight to improve balance and flexibility and develop power and core stability.

Hetrick, having made a breakthrough in the late nineties, set up Fitness Anywhere with the help of private investors and began to make and sell his training equipment that is now more commonly referred to as TRX. Hetrick had great success because the suspension techniques were championed by those in professional sports, academic institutions focussed on fitness and the military.

TRX is now one of the most widely used exercises technique for those looking to improve their core strength and stability. Since 2017 TRX even has its own International Day, which is celebrated on January 25th


TRX aims at improving stability and mobility. Whilst this is the primary focus the technique has also proven to be effective at building lean muscle, improving metabolic rate and building up functional strength.

Because of the system’s dependence on suspension and balance it is the perfect exercise for improving your core. The focus on stabilisation naturally leads to the development of a strong core that can withstand immense pressure.

It is a fantastic tool for those looking to train on the go and requires little effort to set up. The entry level is low which is why it is a system that has been adopted by both beginners and professional athletes.

As long as you are dedicated to pushing yourself TRX can be very useful to you, especially if you are looking to improve your core muscles.

Here’s a Full Body Workout in Just 4 Moves

Being a female personal trainer in London I have a lot of clients who struggle to fit heavy exercise into their day and therefore want to get a full body workout done in the shortest possible amount of time.

TRX, with its emphasis on mobility and repetition, is great for these kinds of people. That’s why I love using TRX with my clients.

If this has peaked your interest, then I encourage you to work on four of my absolute favourite exercises for an effective full body workout:

1) TRX rowing – This helps you work out your major back muscles including Latissimus dorsi, deltoids, and your biceps as well.

2) TRX pike – This is a tough but rewarding exercise that works out all your abdominal muscles and will help you achieve hard abs.

3) TRX press ups – This exercise works both the chest and triceps. Whilst it might leave you sore the next morning, time and time again it has yielded great results for many of my clients.

4) TRX single leg squats – these squats will work your legs and glutes and help you get toned in your lower body.

Staying Ripped!

If you are looking to get toned and improve your core stability the TRX system is a proven method.

As long as you follow a strict set of exercises and ensure you remain safe and stable while doing them, you should feel the benefits in no time.


justina_female_personal_trainer.jpgJustina Triasovaite is a certified female personal trainer in London and also runs, a site with useful information for those who are interested in general fitness and body transformation. A committed health and fitness fanatic, Justina is very passionate about helping people transform their lives.

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