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What is your ultimate fitness goal? For some, the dream is to lose a certain number of pounds by a certain date, fit into that suit in time for your best pal’s wedding. Or maybe you dream of being big in the ballsy world of bodybuilding. Whatever it is, it’s good to be clear on it, because that dream will influence greatly what your workout sessions need to be. There is a lot to take on board when it comes to making your workout as perfect as possible for your own unique goals, and it’s worth spending the time getting it just right, even before you have started hitting the gym.

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Your Structure

There is no golden rule for what workout session is best and which you should avoid. It all depends on what you hope to achieve, as well as how much effort you are willing to put in each session. This will be something that you will probably work on for a long time before making it perfect – but the important thing is that there is some kind of structure at all. As long as your workouts have a structure which makes sense to you, and which fall in line somehow with your actual goals, then you know you are on the right track. You might not be on the fastest one, and that is something you can fix in time, but at least you are moving in the right direction.

Your Comfort

Working out towards any end involves quite a lot of discomfort. Without this discomfort, you just don’t have the benefits or results that you would hope to see. But that doesn’t mean that you should be inviting extra discomfort which doesn’t need to be there. That extra discomfort does nothing for you, except stress you out and encourage you to develop a subtle unconscious resistance to your exercise regime. Treat yourself to the best, comfiest bodybuilding shorts and a few loose vests. Make sure you are always wearing proper footwear. It’s these little things that really add up to make a big difference.

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Your Time

How much a part of your daily life is your workout routine? As usual, there is no one correct answer to this. But it is something you need to get to the bottom of if you want your workouts to work for you as well as possible. If you are keen on an hour or two every day, fantastic. If an hour every other day, that’s still great. And if your life routine means that you can only hit the gym once a week, then you should be grateful for that time too. Whatever time you allocate, be sure to make good use of it. This is how you can expect to see some quick, positive results.

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The nature of your workout says a lot about what you can expect to achieve, and in what time frame. Try your hardest to forge a workout session which is as efficient and effective as possible. You will be glad that you did once you are rocking that new suit.

As always…Happy lifting!

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