Great Foods For Natural Weight Loss

Shifting those stubborn, unsightly pounds has been a subject of preoccupation for the health conscious for centuries. Indeed, an entire market has arisen around our need to keep wobbliness at bay, despite the demands of modern living. After all, with many of us working longer hours than ever before in jobs that traditionally require us to be bound to desks, a perfect flat tummy can be hard to attain.

The need for a slim figure despite an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and the proliferation of fatty, sugary and salty convenience foods has led to something of a 21st century dilemma. The markets have responded with an exponential boom in weight loss pills and supplements. Even protein enriched candy bars have arisen marketed erroneously as health foods. Supplements can yield great results so long as you educate yourself in how they work and gauge their effectiveness for your personal goals. It’s important that you learn the facts, find some customer testimonials and read these before purchasing. As helpful as the range of supplements in today’s market can be, we can sometimes get so distracted by weight loss solutions that we miss the most obvious solution of all… Food.

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Read on and you’ll find some naturally fat burning foods that can help burn stored body fat, while facilitating the building of muscle lean muscle mass which boosts your metabolism and ensuring that the lost weight stays off.


Most of us could benefit from eating more fresh fruits, and berries are amongst the most nutrient-dense fruits out there. They’re packed full of fiber and antioxidants and while sweet and juicy they’re relatively low in sugar. Low sugar foods have a lower insulin response, and the lower the insulin response, the less fat is stored by the body.

Fermented foods

The healthier your digestive system, the more nutrition you’ll get from your foods by digesting them optimally. Fermented foods such as tempeh, sauerkraut, and unsweetened Greek yoghurt are great for improving digestive health by regulating gut function and reducing feelings of bloating.


A protein rich diet is helpful in ensuring that you feel full throughout the day and keep the cravings that will lead you to make poor dietary choices at bay. Almonds are not only 13% protein but they’re incredibly high in fiber so they’re perfect for healthy snacking between meals. But that’s just the tip of the nutritional iceberg. They’re low in saturated fats and rich in unsaturated fats, helping to lower cholesterol while rich in the natural antioxidants that are essential to combat inflammation and support a healthy immune system.


Many vegetarians and vegans lean heavily on beans and peas for high quality proteins, but pulses are also high in fiber and fortified with B vitamins which are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

No need to fear fats

Like carbohydrates, fats have been unfairly vilified by the diet industry. Neither fats nor carbs are inherently bad but in both food groups some are better than others. Indeed, some fats are great for losing weight and ensuring body health. Unsaturated fats such as olive oil have been proven to reduce heart disease and high blood pressure. As a natural anti-inflammatory, olive oil can even reduce your risk of a stroke or cancer. Using olive oil in salad dressing instead of dairy based ranch dressings can not only improve your health but leave you feeling full and satisfied between meals!