Guest Post: Best Ways to Make Losing Weight Fun

Many of us are aiming towards living a healthy life and losing weight. However, not that many of us are gym fans. Whether you find classic workouts boring, uninspiring or hard, know that these exercises are not the only exercises that can help you lose weight. There are also more fun and exciting ones to do, so consider opting for one of the following examples.


‘High-intensity interval training’ or HIIT is the new way to burn a huge amount of calories in a very short time by implementing quick bursts of extremely high-intensity exercises followed by a few seconds of breaks in between. HIIT is implemented in many workout types, from Pilates all the way to CrossFit, and high-profile fitness companies are promoting it all the time.

You can try HIIT yourself by spending around 30 minutes combining and repeating short bursts of workouts such as 45 seconds of squats followed by a 15-second break followed by 45 seconds of burpees etc. Find some HIIT videos online to get some inspiration.



Boxing and kickboxing are not new at all, but boxing as a form of a fitness workout is definitely new. If you tend to easily lose interest in exercising, this is definitely for you. Boxing keeps things really interesting because it is never the same and you will never get bored or struggle to stay motivated while throwing or evading punches.



CrossFit it is a relatively new form of working out that combines the best aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, running etc. all mixed up together and performed at a really high intensity with an addition of time limits. It definitely helps you get amazing results really, really fast.

Indoor rock climbing

A standard workout routine can easily be spiced up with something more adventurous such as indoor rock climbing. If you don’t suffer from the fear of heights and love the adrenaline rush, take a break from the treadmill and hit the rock wall. Not to mention that a change of scenery and pace is definitely going to get you back on the exercise wagon – right after you go through the longest and the hardest muscle soreness of your life.



Even though running is considered to be the number one exercise for losing calories, the problem with it is that it is a high-impact workout. Every single step sends the impact through your knees, your ankles, and feet. In other words, you can easily get hurt. However, cycling is a low-impact workout that, besides being a cardiovascular exercise, also burns calories and strengthens your muscles – especially the ones in your legs. So what are you waiting for? Check out any great online bike store and find a quality bicycle that will help you lose weight easily.

Twerking classes

This is the one option that makes all the guys thank god for hip hop music. It started when people realized that twerking itself is actually pretty physically demanding and takes a lot of skill and discipline to master. And before we knew it, the thing called ‘twerking classes’ appeared. You can sign up for them in many dance studios as well as gyms and tone your quads, glutes, obliques and more.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing

Don’t worry, it is neither vulgar nor related to striptease. This form of fitness has become a worldwide craze because it is an incredible full-body workout that requires discipline, skill and creativity. Pole dancing triggers every single muscle you have: abdominals, legs, arms, obliques, shoulders, back, glutes etc.


Kangoos are shoe-like devices you put on your feet that help you jump really high and burn a whole lot of calories. They are excellent for running and cross training because they feel easy on your feet and joints and ensure minimal injury. Also, these jumping shoes can burn twice the calories of your regular shoes because you will use your leg muscles more intensely while wearing them.

How did you like these examples? Are you going to try some of them out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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