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In the world of modern fitness, more and more people are opting to take their gym efforts into their own home. As equipment gets cheaper, it’s getting a lot easier to get your hands on it, and a lot of people are taking advantage of it. Of course, though, knowing what to use in your home gym can be very hard. You will have limited space for this project, and you will have to choose options which can do more than one job. So, to help you out, this post is going to be exploring all of the little elements you need to build your own home gym.

Cardio: To begin, one of the major benefits of going to a gym is the wide-range of cardio equipment they have. Treadmills, bikes, and other machines all take up loads of space, though, and a lot of people will struggle to fit them all in. Thankfully, though, you shouldn’t need one of everything. When you’re choosing something like this, you should be aiming for products which can do as much as possible. In a lot of cases, this will make a cross trainer your best option, as it provides a good range of exercise. Alternatively, though, you should choose your cardio option based on the exercise you already enjoy.

Weight Training: Once you’ve got your cardio under control, it’s time to start thinking about weight training. Unlike cardio, there are only a couple of different tools you can use for this sort of job. A barbell, two dumbbells, and a set of weights will be almost everything required to get you started. Along with this, most people will also benefit from reading some online resources to help them get started with their exercises. Weights can be very dangerous. So, to help you out, braces, benches, and other supports can be great ways to reduce the risk. Most people will find it a lot easier to work safely when they have the help of some outside tools.

Hybrids: Finally, for those really short on space, it’s time to think about a hybrid setup for your home gym. For a good mix of cardio and weight exercises there are very few tools which can stand up to the job. Water rowers are one of the best examples, as they are fairly cheap to buy, and they don’t take up much space. To find other equipment like this, it could be a good idea to give your local sports store a visit. Alternatively, you could use your experience of going to the gym as your reference, looking for the machines you usually enjoy.

This post should get you well on your way to building your own compact home gym. With gyms becoming more crowded, it makes sense that a lot of people want to take their exercise into their own home. Doing this successfully, though, will be more than just buying some equipment. Along with this, you will also need to have the drive and determination to workout without the gym.

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