Guest Post: 8 Useful Tips on What to Wear at The Gym


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Focusing on the workout routine and eating healthy are the two most important things regarding the gym experience. However, there is another important factor you might have overlooked; many fail to see the importance of gym clothes. Those who realize how important it is to have decent gym clothes often have a hard time choosing what to wear at the gym. Well, you can stop worrying about it, we are here to help you. Get Gym ready with Argos 50% Off discounts here, and Kit yourself out for workout success.

Proper Top

There’s nothing wrong with standard T-shirts. But consider buying a proper tee that will let your skin breathe and keep you warm. You can even find compression tees that really aid the performance. You’ll be able to see your arms and correct your form if it is necessary. Buying a top or a tee made out of mesh material will help your body breathe better and you’ll also avoid those horrendous underarm sweat spots. We’d even go so far as to recommend buying a good sweatshirt or hoodie because it will further improve your circulation.

Pants and Shorts

When it comes to this part of clothing it all depends on your personal preferences. Some people like to work out in their shorts while some like to wear pants instead. But, you should buy workout bottoms that provide support but still aren’t too constricting. Again, shorts made out of mesh materials will vent sweat and reduce the odor significantly. Everyday sweatpants won’t do that. On the contrary, traditional sweatpants will probably highlight a perspiration problem. Look for decent track pants or climacool shorts.


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Do not prioritize fashion over functionality when buying training shoes. Your feet have to breathe and be comfortable. You’ll also want to pay attention to the size. If you don’t, the pain will be really annoying. Also, try to avoid cheap alternatives to the real deal. If you go online now and search for a quality pair of Adidas training shoes, you’ll be sure to find at least two excellent pairs of affordable training shoes. Moreover, with a decent pair of shoes, you won’t feel embarrassed when you take them off. It is natural that your feet won’t smell nice but cheap training shoes can really make it go from bad to worse.


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Majority of people see a pair of socks as just a pair of socks. But even the socks can be made using technology that can aid the performance. If you really want to be well-prepared for the gym, you should also look for socks that have strategically cushioned zones that provide support and comfort. You’ll easily see that extra padding in the sock’s design and that’s how you’ll know that the pair you’re looking at is the real deal.


Please buy a towel. You lack a towel, you lack manners. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Hygiene is of the utmost importance and leaving machines covered in sweat after you are finished sure isn’t cool. So, bring a towel with you wipe the equipment down for the next person’s sake.


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You’ll want to have a decent bag or backpack to carry your gym equipment in. A simple black backpack will do the job. But, if you need more space for your stuff, you’ll want to buy a heftier bag. It all comes down to your personal preferences. Last but not least, buy a shaker cup and a decent pair of gloves. It doesn’t matter whether you only drink water during your workout sessions or protein shakes, you don’t want to spill it on your stuff. And if you like hitting weights, you’ll want to avoid blisters afterwards.


Avoid previously worn gym outfits. You have already sweated in them. Please toss them in the washing machine and don’t think that you are wasteful for doing so. Do not wear onesies. You are working out in a gym, a public gym. You’ll also want to avoid shorts that are too short. Wearing short shorts is similar to wearing a onesie. Please don’t.

Post Workout Attire

After taking a shower change to fresh clothes. You’ll want to keep things simple so putting on a tracksuit or a simple T-shirt and pants will do the trick. Do not change back to previously used clothes. It is common knowledge, but we had to mention it. Apply a deodorant after your shower and put on clean clothes and you’ll be good to go.

We hope that you’ll at least consider most of our tips since we really want you to have a good gym experience. These tips will help you feel comfortable while working out and they’ll also aid your performance. And you’ll look awesome too.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for explaining what could be good to wear at the gym. You mentioned that you should try to get a proper tee that can help you keep warm while also letting your skin breathe. It sounds like it could be good to try on a lot of different shirts until you find one that really fits you.

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