Guest Post: Low-Fat Diet: Past, Present and Future

For ages, humans have been trying to find the perfect diet. This has especially affected people who struggle with weight loss and management because dieting has long been the main part of weight loss. In the 50s, the public went through a real epidemic of obesity and heart disease, so the government and the influencers... Continue Reading →

Trans Fats in the USA

Ah yes the trans fat. Now reviled as one of the most unhealthy substances a human can eat, trans fats were once presented as the epitome of clean eating in the United States. They were cheap to manufacture, easy to cook with and marketed with aplomb. Today we look at the fascinating history of the... Continue Reading →

Why Coconut Oil Isn’t Fit for Pigs!

Have you heard about the health benefits of Coconut Oil? It’s great for energy, will help you burn fat and can even help you stave off infections. Coconut juice was even used as an IV Drip for injured soldiers during the Second World War. It’s been labelled a ‘super food’ by many in the dietary... Continue Reading →

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