‘Diuretics’, Muscle Builder, June 1961,


The following article on diuretics comes from 1960s bodybuilding magazine, Muscle Builder. Though now a commonplace drug used by pro bodybuilders to ‘lose water weight’ and increase definition on the day of a show, diuretics were a relatively new phenomenon in the 1960s, hence the magazine’s admiration for the ‘wonder drug’.

Nowadays the drugs are synonymous with highly uncomfortable side effects and in extreme cases, death. Similar to our previous posts on steroids, the article highlight’s the sports initial naivety to the drug.


New kick with bodybuilders who try to get “instant definition” for major physique contests – water shots ! Since the greater weight of the body is water – and since most bodybuilders “juice-up” and “milk-up” while training, this causes a saturation of the tissues that gives them a too-smooth appearance (especially if they are by nature or design the “bulk” type).

The theory is this…if the tissues weren’t so waterlogged the definition would show. Hence, get rid of the water and the “cuts” will pop right out !

Sometimes just a simple herbal diuretic which increases the flow of urine does the trick. Others who are really beefed-up will need a water show by injection. This latter can cause the bodybuilder to lose fifteen pounds of excess water in the tissues, yet cause no ill effects…no weakness…no loss of muscle tone…while giving the face and physique a sharply chiseled appearance.

Herbal diuretics can be obtained without prescriptin. Stronger ones – including water shots – must be given under a physician’s prescription or injection.

If you have a contest coming up soon…you want to bulk-up but still have terrific definition…consult your physician who’ll set you straight.

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