The Essential Guide To Getting Stronger

It’s not just body builders and weight lifter that want to be stronger. It’s dads that want to lift their kids up in the air and be able to swing them around without hurting themselves. Or single ladies that want to be able to carry their own groceries without asking for help from the door man. Luckily it’s not just weightlifters and bodybuilders that can build muscle either, but we can learn from them the most effective ways of doing this. Read on to find out more.

What to eat

As any body builder will tell you, diet is vital in ensuring you have the right fuel and building blocks to increase your muscle mass and so your strength. But what are the right things to include in your diet?

Well, first of all, protein is vital. This may be gained from the food you eat such as lean chicken breast, tuna, beans and pulses. Luckily, these are the pretty delicious thing to eat, and there are plenty of different things like the recipes at you can make with them, to stop you getting bored. Something that is really helpful, especially as it’s likely you will have to increase your consumption to see any major differences.

There are also supplements that you can take to add to your basic diet. These come in many forms. Some are capsules or pills that contain vitamins and minerals essential for the body to be able to metabolize energy and build muscle effectively.

There are also plenty of protein supplements available in shake and bar form. Perfect for those folks that want to increase their protein intake, but don’t want to spend most of their days either cooking or eating.

Increasing flexibility

Muscle strength isn’t just based on mass though, the flexibility of the muscle and tendons also come into play here. That is why it’s vital to do work centered around this and not just building the actual muscle mass.

Check out the stretching based exercises online, for help to making the muscles and body more flexible while building strength. Or look at including some workouts based on body weight exercises instead.

These work so well because you are supporting our own body weight while getting into different postures and positions. It’s this that helps to retain mobility and movement in your muscles, no matter what their size.

Strength increasing workouts

Of course, these two things alone will only get you so far. That is why you also need to add a third dimension to your fitness regime, and that is working out the muscle with the aim of increasing their strength.

To do this, it can help you have a specific goal that you would like to work for. Then you can measure your strength in intervals of how close or far you are from this goal. This can help you keep motivated, whether you are working with dumbbells, bar bells, or using a bench press. Or why not have a go at some of the more modern techniques such as battle ropes like the ones you can buy at, or try a tire flip?


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