Getting Fit While Getting Totally Flexible: A Handy, Small Guide

1.pngFitness means many different things for many different people. Some people prefer to get big and strong, while others prefer to have maximum endurance. Through all corners of the internet, fitness magazine culture, and written fitness manuals, you will find almost as many nuanced opinions of how to optimize your fitness as there are people to enact it. However, for most people, getting fit has a simple foundation, no matter the nuances of thought that can arise later. For the most part, people want to know how to get fit so that they are the most healthy and effective in daily life. This usually means a combination of cardio endurance, flexibility and feeling good in their bodies.

Despite all methods of fitness refinement being valid as tools to live a healthier lifestyle, some are more effective at giving this ‘broad stroke’ approach to fitness foundations. Strength training with barbells is fantastic and is an incredible discipline to progress in, but the necessity to eat to gain size and muscle with a limited amount of cardio is probably not suitable for the layperson who wants to be faster, have higher endurance and flexibility – at least not at the beginning.

For the beginner, getting fit while getting flexible is the most important. You should try the following disciplines to help you achieve this most effectively.


Yoga is an ancient Vedic tradition that has gained massive popularity over recent decades. There are probably many different facilities offering yoga fitness classes near you, and if there isn’t, you can guarantee there are self-taught practitioners offering tuition for a reasonable price. Yoga is the ultimate effort in stretching and holding poses that are designed to help boost your endurance, overall cardio conditioning through isometric exercises, as well as helping you meditate on the nature of your body and how it can move most effectively.

Over time practicing this, you’ll find that not only are you more comfortable within your physical form, but you will have a rejuvenated attitude to exercise and self-care thanks to its introspective properties. While Yoga sessions can be very difficult, especially when trying some of the later exercises you can learn, it’s absolutely worth the effort. Not only this but what other exercise gives you a fascinating history and heightened cultural awareness to explore?


Zumba, one of the most popular fitness classes that has exploded in popularity, is a dance fitness program that was lovingly crafted by a Colombian dance choreographer named Alberta Perez. It was founded in the USA around October of 1999 and has taken the fitness industry by storm since then. Most competent gyms offer classes, but for the best results, finding the most effective Zumba exercise class online will put you right in the heart of the action. Now, most people understand how dance gets you fit and flexible, but many are hesitant to try it for fear of looking silly. Luckily, Zumba is a cross between an aerobics class and a dance class, and so compounds the benefits of both disciplines while eschewing the negatives. No matter how you feel regarding dance, you can be sure Zumba has something for you.

These two exercise regimens, especially combined, can gift you the keys back to your flexibility that you covet.

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