Guest Post: How Has Fitness Evolved Over The Years?


Ever since the creation of the earth man and woman have both relied on athletic prowess. In fact, it used to be necessary to trap, capture, and kill for food. And, this is not to even mention the gathering and foraging that took place. You have probably heard the saying “survival of the fittest.” Well, this statement could not have been truer back in prehistoric times. It is true that men and women no longer have to go to a physical extreme to sustain life, but fitness without a doubt has an impact on health and well being. That being said, it is hard to deny that fitness and fitness routines have changed over the years, but how have they changed?

How Fitness Evolved

 When a man was primitive he gained his muscle and wits by hunting and gathering. In fact, it was absolutely necessary for performing these tasks. However, as time went on gathering and hunting become more adapt and man didn’t require as much physical prowess for these activities, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t need strength. Fitness became absolutely necessary for any ruler that wanted to maintain the biggest and most ruthless empires. If you recall the Persian military, Macedonian military, and the Roman military were extremely fitness oriented. Once they achieved success in their conquests, their physical fitness levelbecame less of a concern thanks to the lavish lifestyles they were living. This eventually led to their downfall.

How Routines Have Changed


In today’s time fitness and workout routines have greatly changed. Back in the day it was constant battling and training with weapons that made men physically fit. Fighting in arenas and sparring with each other enhanced reflexes and muscles endurance. Now, people lift weights; ride bikes, or even play paintball to keep in shape. Fitness can now be related to fun activities and hobbies. You can put on a paintball mask and goggles, hit the field, and greatly improve your endurance and vitality.

The Enhancements In Fitness Equipment


The development of fitness equipment really changed the fitness world. And, thanks to technology this equipment just continues to adapt and evolve. The first piece of workout equipment was created back in 1968 and it was pretty much nothing more than a stationary bike. It could provide users with simple information like pulse rate and the amount of calories that the user had burned. This is no longer the case with modernized equipment. Modern equipment today can go all that, plus more. More comfortable and ergonomic designs prevent injuries and enhanced scientifically preprogrammed workout routines help individuals get more out of their workouts.

And, this is not to even mention all the MP3 player attachments and Google maps technology.

Supplements And Pre-Workout Formulas

Another fitness accessory that has really changed the fitness world is supplements. Back in the day man only had access to nutrition. That is no longer the case. There are no scientifically proven formulas available on the market that are tailored made for specific needs. If you want to just shed fat and put on lean muscle, you can find a supplement that will help you do just that. If you want to grow huge muscles and put on weight, there are supplements that can do that. In fact, if you compare bodybuilders from previous times to the ones today, you will see that the modern ones are much bigger and fitter thanks to all these fitness enhancements over the years.

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