Triple H, ‘Eating on the Road’, Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body (New York, 2000)


Thanks to a schedule that keeps me on the road over two hundred days out of the year, this area has become my specialty. Charles Glass and one of his partners, noted nutritionist Mike Watson, have given me so much valuable guidance related to eating, but none may have been more important for me than their ability to get me over my fear of fast food. The fact is, you should always go with real food over supplements. So if you have to choose between another protein bar or a stop at Wendy’s … pull over at Wendy’s. Just be careful of what you order.

Gas Stations or 24-Hour Convenience Stores

Buy yourself a big tub of yoghurt or a half-gallon container of milk. Supplement that with a package of nuts and a bagel and you’re in business for the next three hours.

McDonald’s (Or Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Etc.)

Buy two grilled chicken breast sandwiches and throw away one of the buns. If they run out of chicken for some strange reason, order two double cheeseburgers and throw away one of the buns. This isn’t the best source of protein, but it will still give your body what it needs for the next few hours.


You can get a turkey and cheese sandwich, with double meat, and have yourself a solid meal here. Subway actually has the double meat option on the menu, so take it every time. Keep your protein high and moderate the carbs. That strategy has been instrumental in my most significant physique changes over the past five years. It’s not so much the fat content but the carbs you need to worry most about.


We’re talking about the only place in the Northeast that has been open late at night since I can remember, I’m so tired of Denny’s, in fact, that I’m willing to drive an extra five miles to the next exit – even at 3 a.m. – just to see if I have other options. If I can’t avoid it, though, there are plenty of good protein choices at Denny’s. Egg whites, steak, chicken breast, and whole eggs. Ask them to cook the eggs without oil and to steam – rather than fry – the hash browns if they can. If not, don’t sweat it.

On A Plane

Oh yes, the most difficult spot of all to find healthy food. And most times, you’re not going to. That’s why I’ll usually put two or three sandwiches in a Ziploc bag and bring them with me on the plane. If I’m already on the road before the flight, I’ll order a few turkey sandwiches from room service and pack them away. I bought a specially designed briefcase that combines both of my necessities – eating and doing business – into one handy bag. It has a cooler compartment complete with insulation built into it. Like most of your diet routine, this is all based on planning. I know it can be difficult, but you have to set some time aside to think ahead about your eating. It’s just as important as finding time to go to the gym.

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