Forgotten Exercise: Lat Pulldown Curl

So, cards on the table, I recently reread The Complete Keys to Progress by John McCallum. The result of Randall Strossen’s meticulous collecting, The Complete Keys details McCallum’s numerous articles for Strength and Health magazine. Admittedly McCallum’s work was more concerned with rapid bulk and strength building practices, The Complete Keys still has some things to say about bodybuilding and defining exercises. One such example was the Lat Pulldown Curl.  

For McCallum, the Lat Pulldown Curl represented one of the best, and easiest, means of building a peak on the biceps. Even for me, this was an entirely new and unique model. So what’s to know about the exercise?

I’ve found in my own experience that it works well when done near the end of a workout and within a particularly high rep range. As is shown in the below video by Mark Alvisi and Jim Stoppani, the curl is done behind the neck. It’s an entirely different stretch on the biceps and one that’s worth doing at least once.

For those struggling with the concept and the technique, the below video was of great use to me in helping to visualise what McCallum was speaking about.

So, readers, indulge me. Have you used this exercise in the past? And if so, who taught you?

For the rest, try out the exercise and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. I love the high pulley for biceps as last exercise and high repetitions, even drop set, I get a crazy pump.

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