FAQ, ‘Complete Muscle Building Course’ (c. 1970s)

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This booklet will not only help you, the average man to become many times stronger than you are at present, but will give you the inside knowledge and information required for developing a body of dynamic muscular proportions.

Let’s start off by dispelling a few misconceptions generally held of bodybuilding. Where muscle building is concerned we find that there are many controversial points. Questions are asked and more often than not the wrong answers are given. Old wife’s tales linger on, people believe what they want to believe. Below there are set out a few typical questions followed by the correct answers:

Q. Is it possible to increase muscle size and development without exercise?

A. No. Muscle size is only practically built from the practice of vigorous exercise. Such as suggested in this course.

Q. Does vigorous exercise strain the heart?

A. No, providing the heart is normal, heavy exercise will do nothing but good. The heart is a muscle of great strength and with strenuous exercise it will tend to become more regular and stronger. The pulse rate of all athletes is usually much lower than of the lay man; a good sign.

Q. Can one be too old for exercise?

A. Provided that the exercise undertaken is light and gradually stepped up as progress is made then all ages from seven to seventy can benefit greatly from its regular practice. Normal health of course is of prime importance.

Q. Can a man have a huge muscular body and yet not be strong?

A. No. Large muscles mean a large amount of strength. Some muscle men are stronger than others, naturally, but none are what could in any way be termed weak.

Q. How long does it take to get a good physique?

A. It depends on your health and bone structure. Muscular growth starts from the first workout. However, with good living habits and exercise the average man can gain a really outstanding physique within a year, a good physique in three months. Nutrition, especially protein intake plays an important role.

Q. Does heavy exercise prevent one growing taller?

A. No. In fact there are certain proven height promoting exercises.

Q. What is the use of strength in this era of push button activity?

A. Strength is confidence; even to-day. It is always the big dog that has a placid, likeable nature. The smaller the dog, the more it is inclined to snap and snarl because of its weakness. This characteristic is applicable to the human male. Every man during his lifetime is called upon many times by circumstances to use his utmost in bodily strength.

Whether he finds himself hanging from a window ledge six floors up or whether he simply has to lift someone bodily in an emergency.

Q. What happens when exercise is given up?

A. Generally speaking there will be a slight loss in weight and as more time elapses the individual will feel less fit.

Q. What controls the body weight of a man?

A. The amount of vigorous exercise, food and sleep he takes.

Q. Can anyone gain weight?

A. If they are in normal health. Yes.

Q. Can anyone lose weight?

A. Again yes, if they are in normal health.

Q. What clothes should one wear while exercising?

A. Any loose garment that does not restrict body movement. weather is hot or the room temperature is high then briefs only may be worn, however one must never exercise when cold. Sweat suits are ideal training apparel.

Q. What are the benefits of the exercises illustrated in this booklet, apart from added body weight?

A. The benefits are manifold. There is no doubt that a person who regularly exercises his body not only looks better but feels fit¬ter, more alive, more energetic and stronger. Digestive troubles are overcome with the continuance of healthful exercise. Sex virility is increased with added body fitness. Minor setbacks such as colds and flu although not completely eradicated tend to occur far less frequently in the fit person.

Not only will the chances of longevity increase but your life will be far more enjoyable in every way.

Not to be ignored is the psychological and actual aspect of be¬ing far stronger than your fellow men.

Q. What about smoking?

A. Smoking is best cut out completely. Apart from the unpleasant stale smell tobacco gives the smoker it has been conclusively proven that cigarette smoking is one of the main causes of heart disease and lung cancer, two of the greatest killers of our time. If you find that you are unable to give up smoking then you can be sure that you have got a weak mind. However the very fact that you are reading this shows that you have some interest in improving your health and physique — so why not make up your mind to smoke no more.

How many people would use the services of an airline company if they were told that one in seven of the company’s planes crashed leaving no survivors? When you smoke a cigarette the chances are that you decrease your life expectancy three times the length of time it took you to smoke the cigarette.

Q. Is weight lifting any good for developing muscles?

A. Yes. Weight lifting is one of the best methods of becoming strong and muscular. It is an ideal way of training as more weight is added to the bar as the individual becomes stronger, making the training resistance progressive.

Like weight-training this course is designed on progressive resistance exercise — and is the first non-apparatus course that fully follows this principle!

Moderation in all things is a suitable adage. The individual must remember that if he is not used to this type of training then the beginning must be taken very slowly

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