Guest Post: History of Detox: Important Things You Need to Know about This Practice

No matter if you believe that detox is beneficial or a complete fad, one is for sure—detox has been used by many civilizations for thousands of years. According to research, many detox practices date back to ancient China, Egypt, India, America and even Rome.  So what do you need to know about this practice’s history as well as its present and future?

Detox in China

When we look at traditional Chinese medicine, we can find all sorts of detoxification practices, and two of the most popular ones are cupping and acupuncture. These two techniques regular energy in the body and can allegedly cleanse the body of any obstacles that can prevent the free flow of energy. Even modern healers still use these ancient techniques to achieve physical and mental healing. According to research, there are certain benefits of this treatment for various conditions like insomnia, pain and COPD.

Detox in India

India has a very long history of detox. One of the oldest medical traditions and systems in the world, Ayurvedic medicine, can be traced back thousands of years. According to this medicine, toxins are the root causes of various medical conditions, so practitioners often rely on a detox to improve healing. There is a very popular five-step program in Ayurvedic medicine called ‘Pancha Karma’ meaning ‘five actions’ of detoxification that ensure the health of mind, body and spirit.

Detox in Turkey and Mongolia

In old Turkey and Mongolia, people practiced detox through a restrictive diet for a certain amount of time to stimulate flushing out of toxins. They usually avoided sugar, salt, gluten, oil, meat, dairy and alcohol during that time. These cultures also practiced spiritual detox called limpias, meaning “to clean”. This is a use of herbs and fruits for ritual purposes to rid the body, mind and soul of bad energy.

Detox in the 70s and beyond

In the more recent times, such as the 70s and 80s, when people mentioned detox, everyone automatically thought of cleanses related to alcohol and drugs. Detox of that time was not ritualistic at all, but a direct result of incarceration or treatment. Before the 70s, detox was not even considered from any medical and wellbeing side because public intoxication was illegal and people were thrown in jail to go through withdrawal on their own. This was not such a happy time for detox, but today, these treatments for alcohol and drug abuse are much more holistic and humane.

Modern detox

Modern detox is all about the support of the organs that do the work of detoxing the body and flushing out all the harmful things. You can invest in excellent natural detox cleanse kits which are made with various enzymes from fruit and veggies that help the cleanse of your digestive tract and allow your body to be in top shape. After sweeping it all out, your body can work much better and easier, and you’ll feel lighter and healthier. There are also products that support the liver and gallbladder and allow them to operate more effectively. This is the healthiest way to perform detox, and the easiest one, and your body will feel like a million bucks after.

The future of detox

We are all becoming more and more aware of how certain substances affect our bodies, so in the future, we can expect to pay more attention to our minds. Digital detox is already a very popular thing, but as technology takes a stronger and stronger grip on our lives, we can expect to see a real epidemic of digital detoxes. By ditching electronics and going unplugged for a while (or at least one day a week) our brains can get a much-needed break. Instead of being on the phone or computer, digital detox will give you time to spend in nature, relaxing, meditating and doing physical activity.

According to history and historians, detoxing has been around for so long and it’s not going anywhere. And today, when we’re surrounded by extra chemicals, hard pollution and many dangers of the digital world, practicing good detox is more important than ever. Of course, the avoidance of toxins and maintenance of liver and kidney health should be your top concern, but a regular practice of detox certainly can’t harm you as well. Try it out yourself this year and see how it makes you feel.

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