Guest Post: 7 Tips on How to Start Working Out


Despite knowing that regular exercise is essential for their health and well-being, some people have difficulties with workout motivation. Although they want to become more active, be in shape and have a perfect body, somehow, they cannot get off the couch and start moving. Even those individuals who worked out in the past might find it difficult to start all over again after they’ve fallen out of their routine. Well, enough is enough. It’s time you made the switch from being a couch potato to a real athlete and here are several tips that will help you make exercising a habit of yours.

1.Define your goals

The first step is deciding why you want to become more active and setting specific goals. This is important for two reasons – it will motivate you to keep going and it will give your routine a structure because you’ll create specific steps that will help you achieve your fitness goal. Your goals should be specific and realistic so that you could attain them. For example, “become more active” is a vague goal, while “finish a five-kilometre run” is more specific and can be subdivided into smaller steps. This way, you’ll have a deeper insight into your progress and feel great once you’ve achieved your goal.

2. Create a plan

Creating a plan is another important step that will keep you organised and dedicated to your goal. You can create it in a form of a schedule, listing workout and rest days, or a list of goals, exercises and steps. Depending on your fitness level, you can introduce up to three rest days and then gradually reduce them as you build endurance. For example, you can work out for two days followed by a day of rest. Having full rest days is essential, especially if you’re a workout newbie, because your body needs to recover. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself exhausted before you know it, considering to give up altogether.  


3. Start small

If you’re completely out of shape or you haven’t worked out in a really long time, you should take it slow. You need to ease your way into exercising, starting with less challenging activities and then gradually increasing their intensity. Instead of running for a half an hour, start with ten or even 5 minutes. This way, you’ll be motivated to reach your goal and you won’t be discouraged if you fail the very first time because you’ve had unrealistic expectations of yourself.

4. Find a perfect activity

Rather than seeing exercising as a tedious obligation, you should find an activity you’ll actually enjoy doing. There’s no reason why exercising can’t be fun, so check your options before starting your routine. If you want to start with something more relaxing, yoga might be the perfect choice. It will increase your flexibility and body coordination and tone your muscles. On the other hand, if you want something more intense, you should give High-Intensity Interval Training a try – keep in mind that it will really make you break a sweat.


5. Get the appropriate equipment

Another great way to motivate yourself to start and keep working out is buying all the necessary equipment. Of course, you should start with getting appropriate clothes and comfy shoes. Since the way you feel is an important factor that can affect your mood, you should consider buying stylish workout clothes that will inspire you to be more active. For example, Twotags sportswear will keep you both comfortable during your workout sessions and energised with its bold colours. When you look great, you feel great, so put on some stylish sportswear and get back in the game!

6. Reward yourself

Giving yourself a reward after a completed workout session will feel motivating and fulfilling. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but you’ll also wish to do it again and experience the same feelings of satisfaction and enthusiasm. Exercising comes with a range of rewards, including energy boost, better sleep, improved health and a sense of well-being. You can introduce an additional reward, such as a bubble bath or an episode of your favourite series. However, don’t let yourself do it before exercising, but only after you’ve finished.

7. Find a workout friend

Having a workout buddy will be more fun, motivational and encouraging because you’ll have someone to keep you going when you start thinking of giving up. A friend can get you moving when you feel like spending a day wrapped in a blanket and support you in fulfilling your fitness goals. It might even give you a dose of healthy competition that will make your routine more exciting.

For some people, the most difficult part of exercising is motivation. Fortunately, in a few easy steps, you can find your inner strength and become a real athlete.

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