The Ghost Of Sport Injuries Past

No one can deny that sports are dangerous. An injury sustained in training can cripple us for the rest of our lives. That’s the reason sports people put so much import in warming up before workouts. It’s also the reason it’s important not to push yourself. You may have dreams of doing it like your heroes, but you’ll never to get to their level if you don’t build up slowly.

For proof of how much a sporting injury can change your life, it’s worth looking back through the history of sportsmen who have had to kiss goodbye to their careers. The numbers have been vast, and sportspeople are still forced into retirement often. But, here are some individuals worth noting.

Bo Jackson is an iconic figure. He exceeded all expectations and is arguably the best all-round athlete of all time. During his career, he was named all-star in two major events and remains one of few athletes given the privilege. He spent the majority of his career playing both baseball and football. But, during the 1990 NFL, he was tackled from behind, dislocating his hip and putting an end to his winning streak. A hip replacement left him unable to play football, but he did attempt to continue baseball. While he went on to play two seasons, he never recovered his original glory. His last season was in 1994.


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Alvin Williams played in the National Basketball Association from 1997 to 2007. He played five seasons and appeared in all 82 games for two of them. But, a knee injury sustained in his third season spelled the end of his career. Like Jackson, he attempted to continue, but never recovered his glory. He now mentors athletes in his hometown and admits he was somewhat to blame for his demise. When speaking on the subject, he said, ‘It’s not quite regret, but a lesson to respect the limits of your body.’

Ronnie Coleman has won the Mr. Olympia title eight times. To this day, he remains the biggest and heaviest winner. Yet, it wasn’t all plain sailing. In 1996, he herniated the discs in his lower back when squatting 600 pounds. That one injury led to four spinal surgeries and a double hip replacement. While these injuries didn’t stop him from being the best, they’re devastating enough to wonder whether the price was worth paying.


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What can we learn from these examples? Even the best get hurt. And, without proper care, these injuries can have devastating consequences. So, how can you ensure the same doesn’t happen to you? For the most part, you should take a leaf out of William’s book. Proper recuperation is essential for recovery. A company like SportsLab will go a long way towards this goal, by providing proper care plans and physio. Both of which are essential.

Even better, avoid injury by knowing your limits. Don’t do what Coleman did, and ruin your health for an achievement too far. Know what you can do, and stick to it.

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