Reg Park – How I Trained for the 1958 Mr. Universe


An ideal for Arnie and countless others, Reg Park was one of the biggest bodybuilding names of the mid-century. Known for his powerful physique and raw strength, it’s no surprise that even though the great man has passed away, many still follow his old workout routines to a tee.

Today’s post was generously given by a reader of the blog who stumbled across an article written by Park following the 1958 Mr. Universe. It details his training, supplementation and general state of mind leading up to the competition. I’m sure you’ll find it as interesting and informative as I did.

Now in the interests of accuracy, and my own laziness, the article will appear below just as it did in 1958…Enjoy!



As always, happy lifting!

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  1. Hello, does any one know which month in 1958 this article was published? I think my late grandfather submitted a photo as one of the stars of tomorrow in 1958 and I would love to find a copy of that particular journal. Sadly he passed last week but one of his proudest moments was being in the Reg Park Journal!

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