Exercise By Hypnosis Aka Gym Hypnotist (1958)

In the past I’ve made my fondness for British Pathé videos pretty clear and the above video perhaps demonstrates why. While I cannot endorse many of the claims found in the video – weaker sex, light weight training, blatant chauvinism etc. – the image of gym owner/wrestler, Lou hypnotising his gym members is something I haven’t seen before.

Before condemning Lou’s actions, remember that US weightlifters in the 1960s used hypnosis as part of their push for greater numbers or that Frank Zane would listen to mantras and positive messages. Few individuals who step on stage, be it a bodybuilding, weightlifting or powerlifting platform, will deny the power of the mind in all endeavours. So who knows, maybe every gym will come with a hypnotist in the near future?

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