6 Truths About Modern Weight Loss Programs



When you have a keen interest in the history of fitness techniques, it gives you an interesting perspective on the more modern trends. They come and go like the seasons, and, if this blog is still going in thirty years, no doubt I’ll be writing about their impact – or lack of. That said, no matter what fitness plan or weight loss regime you are doing, some things will always remain the same. Here are six truths about modern fitness and weight loss programs.

Miracle cures are snake oil

Proper weight loss can be achieved through hard work only. Those magic pills or potions will not be useful; neither will that fad diet. That doesn’t mean weight loss can’t be fun – but it takes a lot of willpower to stick to your guns.

Your body won’t like it

If you want to lose weight properly, your body will work against you. It’s going to scream when you put it under new levels of duress. It will make you crave for food in ways you can’t imagine before you get started. It’s going to be hard work – until what you are doing starts to come naturally. It takes around 60 days for a new regime to take effect, but before that you risk sliding into the old bad habits. In other words, if you think a four-week training program is going to help you lose weight – and keep it off – you are kidding yourself.



You can’t target fat

When you lose weight, you lose it from everywhere – you can’t target specific areas. So all those ‘belly blaster’ or ‘butt reducer’ DVDs you buy are bending the truth a little. If you want a slimmer waistline, go for an all-around fitness program. Then you can take up High Intensity Interval Training workout to get a ripped body, or start to target specific muscle groups to give you some shape.

Diet over exercise

The claims your new workout makes are irrelevant. Unless you are prepared to do the hard work of eating properly, your efforts will go to waste – or waist. Put it this way, a hard, intense workout for half an hour can help you burn off around 320 calories. That sounds great – until you realize that a 100g cheese and mayo sandwich can contain upwards of 500 calories. Think about that the next time you are feeling a little hungry after an exhausting workout.



You can’t skip strength training

A lot of people turn to their latest cardio DVDs for weight loss. But missing out on strength training is a big mistake. Building muscle gives your body the ability to burn fat at a faster rate, and you should be doing it at least three times a week.

They don’t work

Finally, following a fitness regime or diet plan to the bitter end might help you lose weight and get stronger. But does that make them a success? In my eyes, no. Following a program gives you short-term gains, but only a complete lifestyle change can stay with you forever. It’s down to you and your willpower to make it happen. Your program might help give you a shove in the right direction, but your success comes from within.

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