Forgotten Exercises: The See-Saw Press

S&Hfeb45-Sig Klein

I was flicking through some old strength magazines during the weekend and came across a lift that I doubt many of us are familiar with. Called the ‘Seesaw’ press, it is essentially a standing dumbbell shoulder press but instead of pressing both dumbbells at the same time, you alternate between reps. As you lower one dumb-bell, you press the other in a rhythmic movement without swaying the body.

It’s a simple modification to your standard shoulder press but one that adds a remarkable amount of difficulty to the lift and really gets the shoulder’s firing. It can be done with kettlebells or dumbbells, with the only limit being your strength.  Sigmund Klein, pictured above, used to do this exercise with 100lbs in each arm, meaning you have no excuse to use pink dumbbells with this one. Try 8 reps on each arm starting out for a few sets and build from there.

If you’re still confused, the video from military athlete shows how to complete the exercise with strict form.


Happy lifting!

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