Supplements Bodybuilding Forgot: Bob Hoffman’s Fish Protein Powder


Bodybuilders, its fair to say, will often try just about anything to gain another pound of muscle mass. A practice that has resulted in some fascinating products hitting the shelves. Today’s product, York’s ‘Protein from the Sea’, protein powder emerged in the 1960s and promised to harness the pure protein of fish to build muscle.


Needless to say, the Product’s marketing gallantly tried to make the powder sound appealing. Check out this ad taken from the pages of Hoffman’s Strength and Health magazine.

Fish are considered to be the best fed animals in the world, consuming nutritious, organically-rich vegetation and other fish, which in turn have eaten the organically-rich foods so abundant in the depths of the sea. The fish protein used in HOFFMAN’S PROTEIN FROM THE SEA is richer than organic meats and many other high protein products in the essential amino acids. It digests well, is almost 100% assimilated and supplies your body with elements it needs for building, maintenance and repair.

TAKE ONLY 1 TEASPOON AT LUNCH AND DINNER. Here is real economy! You take only 1 teaspoonful at lunch and dinner for the low, low cost of 15 cents per day. This gives you more protein than found in many full course meals! Best of all, 2 teaspoonfulls of HOFFMAN’S PROTEIN FROM THE SEA provides 18 grams of pure protein and helps complete and assimilate 180 grams of incomplete protein found in cereals and vegetables–an amazing burst of nutritive power! Available in handy powder and convenient tablets.

Anecdotes from those poor souls who tasted Hoffman’s protein powder attest that it was one of the worst tasting supplements ever devised. It apparently looked and tasted like dried seaweed. Making matters worse, it had the consistency of fresh beach sand. All of this perhaps perhaps explains the supplement’s short lifespan!

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