Guest Post: Reaching the Plateau – And Overcoming It


If you’ve tried basic diet and exercise to shed unwanted pounds, chances are, you are no stranger to the weight loss plateau dilemma. When we first alter our diets by cutting calories and adding a side of exercise, we tend to shed pounds quite rapidly. Yet, once we get down to the nitty gritty of shedding those last ten to 15 pounds to reach our goal weight, we then learn that it’s not nearly as easy as it was in the beginning. That’s because once our body starts to reach a comfortable weight, it becomes more difficult to shed the rest of those pounds.

Luckily, when you hit the monumental plateau, there are several tips and tricks you can use to your advantage to keep up your momentum and reach your goal while overcoming the plateau. According to

The best thing you can do if you have really hit the plateau or are concerned that you possibly have hit a plateau is to evaluate your daily meals, workout regimen and sleep habits as a whole and in very fine detail, to see if there is anything you could possibly find that may need an improvement. Are you snacking here and there without realizing it? Has the only source of exercise been a brisk one mile walk each day? What types of foods are you eating? Documenting your daily regimen in very fine detail over a few days or a week, can help you figure out if you have any slip ups anywhere, so that you can correct them and reach your weight loss goals.


MyFitnessPal offers ten tips to overcoming the dreaded plateau. First and foremost, the moment that you find yourself struggling with those last few pounds, it is recommended that you adjust your calorie intake once more. Once you’ve already lost several pounds, they say that your metabolism can actually take a turn and not be as active or motivated as it was before, because the body no longer requires extra energy to help compensate for the pounds you were once carrying. They recommend that you should actually revise your calorie intake every 10 pounds or so lost, in order to fit the needs of your body as it constantly be changes, shedding the weight.

Secondly, they recommend that when you have finally hit the plateau, that it’s time to go lean and focus on the quality of foods that you consume. Focusing more on fruits and veggies along with beans and lean meats can definitely give your body the boost it needs. As before, you were probably just paying attention to calorie intake rather than the foods that you are eating. The counting calorie part of any diet is definitely helpful, but the promise is that you can eat what you want in smaller portions and still lose weight. This is definitely true in the beginning, but definitely not the case when you have finally hit a point beyond no return. It’s time to crack down and pay attention to the types and quality of the foods you are eating.


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The third tip is to change up your workout routine. If you have been using the same methods of exercise for quite some time, chances are, your body has become used to whichever method you are using. So, it’s time to challenge yourself. Take a cardio class, start lifting weights, think outside of the box from what you are accustomed. Encourage your body and muscles to work more so that you can continue to burn calories rather than just continue chugging away at the same routine that no longer works as needed.

Another thing you really want to keep an eye on is extra nibbling. Sure, maybe up to this point you’ve been able to get an extra bite or nibble in here and there of your favorite foods to help you curb your cravings, but those calories do count. It’s time to crack down on extra snacking now more than ever. Making sure that you stay true to your diet and exercise while focusing on quality of foods, and cutting the little extra snack here and there can do wonders for shedding the last of your unwanted pounds. Should you find yourself still hungry and in need of a snack, choose something that offers no extra calories like pickles or tomatoes. Once you are able to cut calories and extra nibbling, adding a cheat day may be beneficial. Rather than cheating everyday here and there, designating a single day to the foods you love can help give your body the boost it needs to help burn the rest of those calories and fat needed.


Making sure that you are getting a full night’s sleep is another essential ingredient to the “overcoming the plateau” recipe. Making sure that you are getting adequate sleep and drinking enough water is essential, because sleep in itself helps your body recover, restore and rejuvenate. Most importantly, sleep helps your body reset hormones for the following day, because even a minor sleep disturbance can cause your body to automatically boost cortical hormone levels. This can add fat around the abdomen. So, making sure your sleeping habits both have quality and quantity, your body will get the reset button pushed.

When you have finally done all that you can do, and should you find yourself still struggling with the plateau dilemma, you may want to consult your doctor for further evaluation to remove the possibility of any underlying health condition that could be contributing to your weight loss woes. Once the conditions, if any, are addressed, with these helpful tips and words of wisdom, you should be well on your way to overcoming the plateau, keeping up your momentum and reaching your weight loss goals.

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