Five More Physical Culture Exercises (1900 Article)

Here are five exercises published in the New York Evening World for developing the muscles and improving the health and strength.

No. 1 is a stretching movement for strength. Carry the left foot and leg backward, and the right hand and right arm forward, stretching from the hand to foot consciously through the length of the body all that is possible. Reverse. This exercise also increases the height and gives elasticity and buoyancy of movement.

No. 2 shows the way to acquire poise. The left hand and arm are extended upward and backward, keeping the weight on the left foot and leg, extending the right food outward until there is a sensation of stretching throughout the entire body from hand to foot. Next reverse the same exercise, only stretching to the left side, and so on.

For the spinal nerves try No. 3. Lie face down upon the floor.r The weight of the body rests in part upon the legs above the knees. Turn the arms backward with the palms out. Raise the legs. Raise the head and very slowly and carefully raise the body. This exercises often cures headache and backache if persisted in.

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No. 4 is to strengthen the leg muscles. Take position, draw the arms backward and relax the legs. As the body is lowered, bring the arms forward and let them fall at the sides. Raise and lower the body by pushing it up with the legs. Resist the inclination to balance the body with the arms, rather forcing the legs to spring upward.

To strengthen the muscles of the back and hips, exercise No. 5 is given. Rest the weight of the body on the left foot. Step forward upon the right foot. With the knee bent, gradually transfer the weight o the body from the left foot to the right foot and leg, leaving the left leg slightly extended. Bend the body forward slightly then straighten and throw it backward as the weight is again brought upon the left foot. Reverse


The Rockland County Times  Vol XI., No. 31, 21 April (1900), 6


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