Peary Rader, ‘The Six Meal A Day Plan’, The Rader Master BodyBuilder and Weight Gaining System (1946)


If it is convenient, it is often found a great help to eat 4 to 6 meals per day, tho this is not necessary.

Many men have found that the addition of a light lunch at about 10 o’clock, another at about 3:30 p.m. and another just before bed time has been the secret of very fast gains. None of their meals would be as large as usual, but much more frequent. This gives the internal organs a better chance to function efficiently compared to the system of overloading them three time a day as is generally done. So whenever circumstances will permit it, we recommend the 5 to 6 meal a day plan for weight gainers. Many doctors use this system for sick people or people with digestive disorders and you should realize that it is a healthful plan.

These between meal lunches should consist of such things as eggs, cheese, fruit, silk, lean meat, as well as a good protein supplement. All the foods mentioned except fruit are foods high in proteins, the one great muscle building food.

Following are two suggested diets for weight gaining. You can, and doubtless will find it desirable to vary these somewhat. However, both these diets have been followed by pupils who had hound it impossible to gain on the standard diet, but with no change in the exercise routines they made remarkable progress by just changing to these diets. You can use these to build your own diet. WE MUST TELL YOU HERE – THESE ARE WEIGHT GAINING DIETS ONLY. THEY ARE TO BE USED DURING YOUR WEIGHT GAINING SPECIALIZATION ONLY. WHEN YOU REACH YOUR DESIRED BODYWEIGHT YOU SHOULD CHANGE BACK TO A NORMAL DIET. You may find it wise to change back to a normal diet for a month anyhow and alternate between these heavy diets and a normal diet, remaining on each for a month at a time. You will learn a great deal about your diet from these changes.

The first diet is a 6 meal a day diet as follows:

Breakfast –

2 eggs 2 slices wheat bread
2 glasses milk Ham or bacon 3 tsp Protein Vitamin Mineral

Mid-Morning –
Meat sandwich 1 glass of milk

Lunch –
1/3 lb. Steak Cottage cheese 1 vegetable 2 glasses milk

Mid-Afternoon –
Cheese Sandwich 1 glass milk

Dinner –
1/3 lb. Steak 2 vegetables
2 slices bread 2 glasses milk
2 tsp. Protein 2 Vitamin Mineral

Evening –
2 eggs 1 glass milk 2 tsp Protein

This is a heavy diet and for those unable to eat in this manner, we suggest cutting out the mid- morning and mid-afternoon lunch. Something like the following will work well:

Breakfast –
Juice 2 eggs
2 glasses milk 2 slices bread Bacon 2 tsp Protein

Lunch –
2 sandwiches (meat or cheese) 2 glasses milk 2 pieces fruit
2 tsp Protein

Dinner –
1⁄2 pound steak 2 vegetables 2 slices bread 2 glasses milk Dessert 2 tsp Protein

Evening Snack –
2 sandwiches 1 glass of milk

2 glasses milk 4 slices cheese

1⁄4 lb cottage cheese 1 glass milk 2 slices ham

Super Protein has been recommended with the above diets. If you prefer you may substitute some other protein supplement. You will do well to refrain from tea, coffee, beer and alcoholic beverages. They can do you no good and will likely do you harm. In regard to milk:

Don’t let this become a substitute for solid foods or your diet will fail. You must not fill up on milk to a point where you find you can’t eat your meals.

It is to be expected that some of you will not be able to start heavy diet immediately if you have been used to eating very lightly. It may take you some time to become accustomed to more food. Furthermore we want to caution against becoming a “glutton”. Such eating can only eventually cause harm. Don’t expect gains on a “Canary bird” diet, however. You just can’t make progress without ample nourishment. People with digestive disorders should use caution with heavy diets and should consult their physician in regard to such feeding.

We must caution you against eating snacks between your regular scheduled meals or lunches. This will spoil your schedule and cause your gains to slow up or stop. After reaching your desired bodyweight and muscular size you should moderate your eating habits to maintain a healthful bodyweight and physical condition.

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