Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Vegetarian bodybuilding? Is such a thing even possible? Oftentimes when vegetarians embark on the weightlifting adventure, they're met with derision from those already on the path. How could you possibly get in enough protein? Won't your diet be carb heavy? And how do you plan to avoid deficiencies? Having previously discussed Vince Gironda's vegetarian meal plan, today's... Continue Reading →

Vince Gironda’s Lacto-Vegetarian Diet

The following extract comes from Vince Gironda’s 1984 Book: Unleashing the Wild Physique (available here). This book cannot be recommended highly enough, from VInce’s no nonsense take on steroids to his innovative training techniques. Today’s post comes from Vince’s advice on a lacto-vegetarian diet. The Lacto-Vegetarian Diet This is the easiest diet to follow because you can eat as much as... Continue Reading →

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