Peary Rader, ‘The Clean and Jerk Program for Weight Gaining’, THE RADER MASTER BODYBUILDER AND WEIGHT GAINING SYSTEM (1946)


This very popular lift is a good exercise for all round development and an excellent method of weight gaining if properly performed for this purpose. It is probably the most strenuous of all exercises and therein lies its value as a stimulator of metabolism and a weight gaining medium. Much the same principles of procedure are used as in the squat or deadlift. Because it is so strenuous you will find that, as a general rule, two workout periods per week will be sufficient. You may find yourself rather sore at first if you are not careful to progress slowly

Some of you fellows with good clean and jerk records may be surprised how little weight you will be ableto use in this as a repetition exercise. At any rate we advise you to start very light and add weight as you can.You will also find that in addition to being a marvellous all-round bodybuilder, that the practice of this lift as an exercise gives you added ability on the King of Lifts and increases your energy, flexibility and speed.You may use either the split style or the squat style.If you use the split style, we advise you to learn to split either foot forward in your training as an exercise to work  both legs equally.You should strive to use the best possible form on every repetition. Also it is advisable to do a few warm uprepetitions with a real light weight before starting on theheavier program. This will warm all the muscles and get you in the groove, so to speak, regarding the correct form.After you are properly warmed up, start out by doing 12 repetitions with whatever poundage you find you can handle correctly for this number of repetitions. Wewant to stress the importance of correct breathing hereagain. Take 3 to 6 deep breaths between each repetition of the clean and jerk. Make them deep and through the mouth.

After this first set you will be breathing very hard and we advise you to do a set of 15 or 20 pullovers with a light weight.You’ll need to rest a few minutes than make another set of the clean and jerk of about 10 repetitions. Then more pullovers and another rest. Now do another set of 18 to 20 repetitions with a lighter weight and another set of  pullovers. This will be a terrific workout for most fellows. A few will want another set or so. Some fellows will find two sets enough.We do not advise any other exercises to be used with this program, just the clean and jerk and the pullover.The two arm snatch can also be used in this manner, though we do not feel it is as effective. You will be able to do more sets in the snatch, however, because it is not nearly so strenuous. You should watch for signs of overwork on this program as it is possible to overwork until you have found out just how much you can stand. It is very strenuous but equally beneficial.

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