"One thousand dollars to any charity if I cannot conclusively prove that every alleged instructor of physical culture in this country is either a former pupil of mine or using one of the systems I have originated and perfected." Professor Attila,  1894 Can you build muscle with just five pound dumbbells? For Professor Attila, the... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Exercises: Zottman Curls

Looking for a new arm exercise? Of course you are, who isn't? Following our discussion of the see-saw shoulder press last week, we thought it was time to examine another forgotten exercise, the Zottman Curl. Named after 19th century strongman George Zottman, the Zottman curl is a fantastic way of stressing the biceps, brachialis muscles, and forearm... Continue Reading →

Train like a Sandow!

Why train like a strongman from the 1900s? Well if that strongman is Eugen Sandow, the father of modern day bodybuilding, the answer should be obvious. Sandow came at a time when steroids hadn't infiltrated gyms and exercisers were forced to rely on food and training alone. Coupled with this Sandow was inspired by the... Continue Reading →

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