Is Heavy Exercise Dangerous?

The following Chapter comes from Mark Berry's wondeful book from the 1930s Physical Training Simplified. In it, Berry addresses one of the biggest questions from his era, is lifting safe? Enjoy! Bar Bell Exercise is Different Than Competitive or Record Lifting. But Does the Weight Lifter Run Any Risks? In the minds of some persons... Continue Reading →

Mark Berry, ‘Some Peculiarities to be Observed in Arranging Exercise Programs for Great Numbers of Men,’ Physical Training Simplified (c. 1930, Mark Berry).

From experience in observing and supervising the exercise of men of all classes, we have learned a few little points not generally understood by the average physical culturist. It is also probable that the average instructor has not the proper opportunity to observe these facts, which are so necessary when exercise is to be prescribed.... Continue Reading →

History of the Squat…Kind of

Bench Press, Deadlift, Squat. What could be easier than that? For most people it makes up the brunt of their training programme, yet we rarely stop and ask where did these exercises come from? I mean after all, if you’re going to spend countless hours in the squat rack, at some point you should question... Continue Reading →

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