Inspirational Reads: Henry Rollins, ‘The Iron and Soul,’ 1994

"And now for something completely different" I'll be spending a few weeks discussing various writings on lifting weights that have left an imprint on me in many ways. As anyone who has dedicated themselves to the gym for a prolonged period will attest, lifting weights is about so much more than exercise. It is a... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Exercises: The Rader Chest Pull

Having previously discussed the history of the squat exercise, today's post examines the creation of the Rader Chest Pull, an exercise that Peary Rader, one of the Irongame's biggest names in the twentieth-century, often used in conjunction with the squat. Typically Rader would inform trainees to perform this exercise directly after a set of twenty... Continue Reading →

The History of the Reverse Grip Bench Press

Without doubt one of the odder movements in the gym goers' repertoire, the reverse grip bench press is a lift you're unlikely to see on a regular basis. Somewhat circus-like in its execution, the lift is nevertheless an invaluable one to those suffering from issues of shoulder mobility and I'd suggest, boredom. A fun lift... Continue Reading →

21s in Bodybuilding Lore

What teen or young lifter hasn't been seduced by the idea of bigger biceps? Indeed in the bodybuilding universe of both males and females, no pose is more iconic that the front or back double bicep pose. A difficult set of muscles to grow, except of course for the genetically gifted, the biceps have been... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Exercises: The Zane Leg Blaster

This website has been pretty vocal in its appreciation of Frank Zane. A three time Mr. Olympia, Zane privileged a level of conditioning and aesthetics that, even today, is still admired by bodybuilding fans. Zane's training diaries, and later books highlighted a clearly meticulous and determined attitude to training. It wasn't enough to move the... Continue Reading →

Dorian Yates’ Olympia Winning Workout

The following workout comes from the wonderful A Portrait of Dorian Yates: The Ultimate Bodybuilding Guide from the Ultimate Bodybuilder by the late Peter McGough. For those who don't know, Peter was one of bodybuilding's most authoritative journalists for several decades. He was intimately linked with Dorian and it was Peter who bestowed Dorian with... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The Untold History of Workout Supplements

In today's fitness industry, workout supplements are a common sight. From pre-workout powders to protein bars, these products are advertised as the keys to unlocking muscle gains and improved performance. However, the history of workout supplements is a story that is rarely told. For decades, athletes and bodybuilders have experimented with various substances and formulas... Continue Reading →

Is Heavy Exercise Dangerous?

The following Chapter comes from Mark Berry's wondeful book from the 1930s Physical Training Simplified. In it, Berry addresses one of the biggest questions from his era, is lifting safe? Enjoy! Bar Bell Exercise is Different Than Competitive or Record Lifting. But Does the Weight Lifter Run Any Risks? In the minds of some persons... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of the Swiss Ball

Whether you've attempted to train your 'core' or perform some simple rehab exercises, chances are you've used a Swiss Ball at some point in your training career. So where did the Swiss Ball come from? What was it's purpose and how did they become so popular? Swiss Ball Origins  Remarkably given its popular name, the Swiss Ball... Continue Reading →

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