Bill Kazmaier, ‘Bench Pressing Style And Technicalities’, Bill Kazmaier and the Bench Press (1981), 4-6

The basic concept of lying on a bench and taking a bar from arm's length to the chest and back is a very simple one. However, bench pressing with maximum efficiency and power is an extremely exacting art relying on many major and minor principles and utilizing the coordination of the many muscles involved. While there is... Continue Reading →

Pumping Iron: The History of the Bench Press

The Bench Press, one of the most primitive and effective exercises in the weight room. Despite it's much revered status, few of us know about the fascinating history of the bench press, a lift that evolved to suit the needs of a growing professionalism in competitive weightlifting. Having previously examined the history of the squat,... Continue Reading →

Fernando Vallejo, ‘Things Happen, and Lessons to Learn’, Hardgainer Magazine, September (2002), 32-33.

This article may make for uncomfortable reading. It’s been included to illustrate why it’scritical that you’re always sensible and conservative in your training. No matter how experienced one may be, the rules of sensible training still apply. Properly done, weight training is very safe and healthy, but take liberties and it becomes a dangerous activity.... Continue Reading →

Reg Park’s 500 Pound Bench Press (1954)

Supposedly the first Bodybuilder to bench press 500 pounds, Reg Park represents one of the most iconic physiques within the Iron Game. You can imagine my delight then when I discovered a video of the great feat in action. According to Health and Strength Magazine, Park bench pressed 500 pounds in Wales on July 8th, 1954 and... Continue Reading →

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