The Ghost Of Sport Injuries Past

No one can deny that sports are dangerous. An injury sustained in training can cripple us for the rest of our lives. That’s the reason sports people put so much import in warming up before workouts. It's also the reason it’s important not to push yourself. You may have dreams of doing it like your... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

Image Source: Wikimedia When it comes to sports and fitness, it’s essential to respect your body and not abuse it. A lot of the time injuries can’t be helped, but there are ways to avoid them, which any serious sports enthusiast should know about. You need your body to run like a well oiled machine... Continue Reading →

Training with Injury: Is it Possible?

When everything goes to plan, you head to the gym and complete your session without any fuss. It is an amazing feeling, and it is an amazing feeling because it doesn’t happen often. During your life, you will probably only every workout without an injury a handful of times. You will almost certainly never workout... Continue Reading →

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