How Franco and Arnold Changed Hollywood Forever

Name a more iconic duo than Franco and Arnold. Within the sport of bodybuilding, the relationship between Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger was of the most enduring and impactful the sport has ever seen. From Pumping Iron to controversial Olympia wins, they did it all! Okay, that last line was tongue in cheek but, more... Continue Reading →

Eugen Sandow and Thomas Edison

Oddly given the site's extensive interest, we have yet to detail Eugen Sandow's most exciting remnant, a short film clip taken in 1894. Taken during Sandow's extensive promotion tour of the United States, which began in 1893 and included everything from posing sessions to fights with lions, Sandow's film is one of the earliest movies we... Continue Reading →

Frank Zane as The Silver Surfer

A recent trawl through Ebay uncovered a story which for me, has a very unhappy ending. Stumbling across a 1979 movie poster for the Silver Surfer, the Marvel superhero capable of travelling through space aboard his trusty surfboard, I was shocked to find name of the legendary bodybuilder and three time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane... Continue Reading →

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