How Franco and Arnold Changed Hollywood Forever

Name a more iconic duo than Franco and Arnold. Within the sport of bodybuilding, the relationship between Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger was of the most enduring and impactful the sport has ever seen. From Pumping Iron to controversial Olympia wins, they did it all! Okay, that last line was tongue in cheek but, more... Continue Reading →

Arnold the Gym Spokesman

Arnold Schwarzenegger has worked a lot of jobs. Few people can class bodybuilder, promoter, governor, actor, and author on their resumes. Arnold has worked so many jobs that it is hard to keep up. That is why I always love discovering some of the lesser-known examples of the Austrian Oak earning a quick buck or... Continue Reading →

Tracing the Mass Monster in Bodybuilding

Are bodybuilders becoming too large? It’s a simple question but one loaded with controversy. Today most Internet forums are filled with heated arguments about whether the ‘mass monsters’ of today are helping or hurting the sport. Rather than continue the common narrative that the 1990s and the Dorian Yates era was the dawn of the ‘Mass... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding and the Mail Order Ad

From Eugen Sandow to Charles Atlas, physical culturists have long made a living through mail order ads. Check out this old Arnie one from the late 1960s flogging the latest Weider product. So next time you grow weary of the hyperbole from today's modern advertisements, just remember that such ads are a time honored tradition... Continue Reading →

Joe Weider’s Power Bracelet

Joe Weider is undoubtedly a divisive figure in the history of bodybuilding. Influential to the nth degree regarding the modern climate of the sport, Weider has been continually criticised for selling snake oil supplements to a naive public. Today's post briefly examines Joe's 'Hell-Bent for Leather N'Lead' product, a set of bracelets brought out by... Continue Reading →

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