Guest Post: A Brief History of Women Sports

Everything women have today has been earned through a tireless fight, equality in sports included. Since the dawn of time, women have been fighting for their right to participate in sports, get equal opportunities to compete and earn equal wages. Thanks to early advocates, today we have heroines like sisters Williams, Simone Biles and Megan... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Women’s Sport History

  Historically, people idealized woman’s femininity and frailty, frowning on female participation in sports that threatened to destroy those coveted qualities. However, in spite of that, there were always sporting outlets for women to participate in. Certain sports like tennis, croquet, archery and swimming were available for women ever since the Gilded Age. While today... Continue Reading →

Robert Fitzsimmons, ‘A Chapter for Women – To Gain Beauty with Strength’, Physical Culture and Self-Defense (London, 1901), 47-50.

Muscle Building Will Bring Charms that the Toilet Table Can Never Furnish MUSCLE building brings beauty to woman. This brief statement is sufficient, I think, to I make many women embark upon a physical development course. What will woman not do to become beautiful? They—some of them, at least—powder and paint, and bleach their hair,... Continue Reading →

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