Fridge Racing at the World’s Strongest Man

The World's Strongest Man competition is undoubtedly one of my favourite events each year. We get to see some of the world's strongest athletes push, pull and push a variety of objects. As slick as the modern contests are, there is a certain undeniable magic to the early iterations. From cheese deadlifts to sumo wrestling,... Continue Reading →

The Birth of the Arnold Strongman Classic

Earlier this year we were treated to perhaps the most exciting Arnold Strongman Classic to date. We saw Hafthor Bjornsson win the event for the second year in a row with a domineering display of power. The 'Wheel of Pain' from Conan the Barbarian made an appearance and it was joined by an exact replica... Continue Reading →

Sumo Wrestling at the World’s Strongest Man

Since its inception in the late 1970s, the World's Strongest Man Competitions have used a variety of tests to determine one's strength. In the past this has included deadlifting blocks of cheese, running with refrigerators and the iconic Atlas Stones. Some events become mainstays while others, like the aforementioned cheese deadlifts slip quickly from our... Continue Reading →

Strength! Featuring Saxon Brown (1930)

Born in England in the early 1900s, Saxon Brown (real name Henry Brown) was briefly lauded during the 1930s as 'Britain's strongest youth' & 'the world's strongest young man'. Though his time in the physical culture spotlight was short lived, Brown's strength was immortalised thanks to the below British Pathé footage. Featuring a number of... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Jon Pall Sigmarsson

You can’t talk about great strongmen without mentioning Jon Pall Sigmarsson. He was a complete strength athlete. From competing in strongman, Highland Games, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and even Bodybuilding, Jon Pall embodied his Icelandic Viking heritage in all that he did. It was the combination of his physical ability and larger-than-life personality that have left... Continue Reading →

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