How They Train: Conditioning Methods of World Champion Boxer Evander Holyfield by Dr. Fred Hatfield

Training Strategy for Evander Holyfield The time-honoured -- but unfortunately ill-conceived -- practice of long, slow distance work as a conditioning regimen for boxers is what Evander learned from the training dinosaurs of his youth, and had continued with for years. When I was brought aboard his team, prior to his fight against Buster Douglas... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: History of Sports and the Media: An overview

Sports and the media have had a symbiotic relationship throughout history. From ancient civilizations to modern times, sports have always been an essential part of human society, providing a means of entertainment, competition, and physical activity. Sports have also played a crucial role in shaping cultural identity, providing a sense of community, and creating shared... Continue Reading →

21s in Bodybuilding Lore

What teen or young lifter hasn't been seduced by the idea of bigger biceps? Indeed in the bodybuilding universe of both males and females, no pose is more iconic that the front or back double bicep pose. A difficult set of muscles to grow, except of course for the genetically gifted, the biceps have been... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Exercises: The Zane Leg Blaster

This website has been pretty vocal in its appreciation of Frank Zane. A three time Mr. Olympia, Zane privileged a level of conditioning and aesthetics that, even today, is still admired by bodybuilding fans. Zane's training diaries, and later books highlighted a clearly meticulous and determined attitude to training. It wasn't enough to move the... Continue Reading →

Eugen Sandow on Heavy Weightlifting

A point previously discussed on this website was the regularity with which early physical culturists promoted light weight training as opposed to heavy lifting. The reasons for this are numerous. In the first instance, light weightlifting is easier to promote to the general public than heavy weightlifting. It requires less equipment, can be done in... Continue Reading →

Dorian Yates’ Olympia Winning Workout

The following workout comes from the wonderful A Portrait of Dorian Yates: The Ultimate Bodybuilding Guide from the Ultimate Bodybuilder by the late Peter McGough. For those who don't know, Peter was one of bodybuilding's most authoritative journalists for several decades. He was intimately linked with Dorian and it was Peter who bestowed Dorian with... Continue Reading →

The Controversial History of ZMA

One of the unquestioned staples of bodybuilding supplementation, ZMA is often up there with creatine and protein in terms of popularity. Rumoured to increase testosterone, muscle mass and your chance of bizarre dreams, ZMA is promoted as a cheap and effective supplement for the average gym goer. In my own brief training experience, it's something... Continue Reading →

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