Charles Atlas’s ‘Special Secret for Rapidly Building Enormous Power’

When Atlas Wasn't Playing Tug-of-War he was giving out Diet Tips “I realize you are anxious to build up great strength and power as soon as possible. Here is a simple secret which should help give you the results you hope for.” Charles Atlas, Mail Order Workout Programme, Lesson Two, c.1930s  In 1921 Charles Atlas... Continue Reading →

The History of the Gomad Diet

The GOMAD, or 'Gallon of Milk a Day', Diet is often the go to option for hardgainers struggling to gain weight in an easy and relatively straightforward way. Advocated by strength coaches, the dark recesses of the internet and the occasional big guy at the gym, there is no denying the impact the approach has... Continue Reading →

Peary Rader’s Abbreviated Mass Routine

  Previously on this site we have looked at the influence of Peary Rader on both bodybuilding and weightlifting. Editor of Ironman magazine for several decades, Rader was influential in the training of thousands of men during the course of his career and more importantly, his focus tended to be on 'the common man' as opposed... Continue Reading →

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